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Employer Sponsored VisaEmployer Sponsored Visa

A valid Australian work visa allows you to work legally in Australia. Employer Sponsored 457 visa assist employers to hire skilled employee from Other country who is non resident of Australia or Holding temporary Visa.  Usually an employer must nominate for this. Employer Sponsored 457 visa can fall into many different visa types and it’s important you find right visa that fulfill your requirements. If you have receive sponsorship from any Business that’s great news, Contact us and we can assist you in getting right visa category and applying for Visa in Immigration of Australia.  Usually these visa are based on your skills, qualifications and work experience and can be temporary or permanent. Rapid Migration Australia can assist both Employers and employees to establish the eligibility for the relevant Employer Sponsored visa in Australia.

Employers – If you are looking for Skilled worker for your business either for short term or Long term to fill in your business, we can assist in all stages of securing sponsorship status to able to support work visas for employees.


Employer Sponsored 457 Visa – Temporary Business ( Long Stay) Most Popular Skilled Visa

Basically 457 Visa Australia allows you to work for an employer for up-to 4 years during your temporary stay in Australia. 457 Visa allows an Skilled Overseas Worker to:

  • Worked in Nominated position for upto 4 years for Business who has sponsored.
  • 457 Visa candidate can bring immediate family members with them to study or work in Australia.
  • Can fly in and out from country without any Visa restriction subject to Business Leave Approval.

As  a Valid Visa Holder of 457 and upon successful 2 years completion, Candidate may be eligible to apply for permanent residence if you satisfy all selection criteria of Australian Immigration. For more updated information and assistance for Employers looking for Skilled worker’s or Employee who got Business ready to do Sponsorship, and looking for visa assistance visit our Office located on level 10, 55 Swanston St, Melbourne.

This 457 Visa categories in 3 steps as below:

1.) Sponsorship: 457 Visa is to address shortage of Skilled workers in Australian Business job Industry, it may change as per Australian Job industry. If you are Employer or Employee to keep updated with Latest Skilled occupation list, Click this Link SOL.  A Valid ABN registered Business with Business Sponsor Approval need to provide documents and meet all requirements as per Australian Law to Sponsor Overseas Resident on 457 Visa.

2.) Nomination: Employer has to Sponsor and nominate candidate for skilled 457 visa required in his business. They need to take permission to sponsor overseas residents and meet certain criteria to fill in certain nominated position.

3.) Visa Application

To Apply for 457 visa, Candidate must have an Australian employer available to sponsor your visa application and process. Before a Employer can Sponsor Employee on 457 Visa, Business must be approved as Standard Business sponsor. Also Business needs to satisfy requirements as described in Migration ACT and regulations. Once Employer has become Approved business Sponsor and nominate you for a position, you can apply for 457 Visa.

Eligibility for 457 Visa and Rapid Migration Expertise 

Visa Application for 457 Visa can be apply for outside Australia or within Australia as long as you meet all Visa Requirements and have no condition of “No Stay” on your Australian Current Visa. some of Major points for 457 Visa Eligibility are:

  • Check if your Occupation listed in Skilled Occupation Lists
  • Nominated person should posses Skills and ability to carry out responsibility as per Job description advertised by Employer and also meet any required registration or License ro work in nominated occupation.
  • 457 English Requirements
  • Training Benchmarks, Salary Offer etc
  • Meet all Eligibility Requirements of 457 Visa and to know more visit Australian Immigration 457 Visa or Contact our Office to discuss on your Application.

Rapid Migration got significant experienced to assist Employer and Employee for 457 Visa and fill in Gap between them. Contact us Today on 03 9663 0944 or sent us Online enquiry.




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