MRT/AAT Appeal


If you have been refused an Australian visa, one of the options for a review of this decision may be to apply to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT). Where a visa has been refused the MRT has the power to re-assess the original decision and examine whether the applicant meets the requirements for obtaining the visa. We will not only assist with the presentation of your case at a hearing into whether a refusal should be revoked, but will be able to assist with the initial application, including directing on what basis the revision of a visa refusal should be argued and what documents should be submitted by the applicant to convince an MRT member of the need to change a visa refusal conclusion. We advise you on the costs and the time involved. There are strict time limits for making applications to the MRT. The time limits vary depending on the decision which is being disputed but for all decisions these time limits are relatively short.

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