Family and Partner Visa Australia

Partner Visa Australia

Family visa Australia is among the most common visa types people request. Parallel to the popularity of this visa type, they are among the toughest visas to obtain. Under general circumstances, request for each and every family sponsored visa for Australia is followed by a strict inquiry process. Therefore, it is exceptionally important for an individual or a family to get expertise advice from a professional migration consultant. This allows applicants to get ready with precise documentation too.

However, Australia is a friendly country that recognizes the need of family members to be together. With the family migration scheme, Australia welcomes eligible persons under sponsorships of the respective family members. These visas are issued either permanent or temporary basis determining the requirement of the applicant and particularly the eligibility.


This visa category requires both the sponsor and applicant to meet the requirements to be eligible. Particular eligibility criteria may vary depending on the qualifying visa. Generally, the sponsor should be able to provide the all the necessary assistance to the applicant for a period of two years. Moreover, under certain circumstances, the sponsor should possess a written undertaking and sometimes an AoS (Assurance of Support) too.

When it comes to the applicants, they meet requirements especially pertaining to health and character. Also, they should go through a balance-of-family test and biometric identification as per the recent regulations.

Common Types of Family Visas

  • 101 – Child visa (Permanent) Visa: Under child visa, parents can become sponsors of a child or a stepchild to migrate to Australia
  • 103 – Parent (Permanent) Visa: Parent visa Australia allows parents to join a settled child or a step child in Australia.
  • 804 – Aged Parent (Permanent) Visa: This is offered for aged parents to join children in Australia (children should be eligible to offer sponsorships)

Apart from these categories, there are some other family visa types available to match different circumstances. Just let us know your requirement and the situation clearly for us to offer you the ideal visa option.

Partner Visa Australia – Partner category visas

Considering the amount of career opportunities available, there is a huge demand for Partner Visa Australia. To become eligible for a spouse visa Australia, you should be;

  • Married to a legal Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident, or
  • The fiancé to an Aussie or an Australian permanent resident, or
  • A De facto partner (this is applicable for same-sex relationships too) of an Aussie or an Australian permanent resident

As per the statistics, the demand for Australia spouse visa increases at a rapid speed. Because of the large number of visa applications submitted annually, the selection criteria have become stricter.

Even a single blunder can upset the entire application process and that is why you should consult our experts without failing.

Considering the higher demand for partner visa Australia from the Asian countries, we have established our regional office in India. If you are looking for a spouse visa Australia from India, it is simply a matter of contacting our specialized registered migration agent and get all the assistance to fulfill you dream and join your loved one sooner than you think.

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