How to add My Partner to My Student Visa – A Perfect Guide 2023

How to add My Partner to My Student Visa

Are you an international student in Australia who wants to bring your partner to Australia?  You will need to add them to your student visa. This blog will go through the process and provide valuable tips, so it’s as hassle-free as possible.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need – from properly completing the paperwork and meeting the requirements to successfully getting your visa. So, let’s get started! Read this blog post now for more information about adding your spouse to an international student visa!

Types of Partners Visa

The Partner Visa program has two streams:

Partner Visa (Migrant) stream

Partner Visa (Temporary) stream

Requirements Criteria for Adding my Partner to my Student Visa

You must meet a few requirements to add your partner to an Australian student visa.

Education and Financial Requirements

  • Proof of funds to cover living expenses in Australia.
  • Evidence of tuition fee
  • Original or certified copies of academic qualifications.
  • Evidence of English language proficiency.

Health Requirement

Medical check-up from a panel doctor.

Obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Character Requirement

Obtaining a police clearance certificate.

Submit Form 80 (Personal particulars for character assessment).

Other Requirements

  • Valid passport.
  • Latest photographs.
  • Evidence of travel arrangements to leave Australia.
  • Proof of relationship to the student visa applicant (for couples).
  • Evidence of accommodation arrangements in Australia.
  • Payment of visa application fees.
  • Lodging of the visa application form.
  • Attending a substantive interview if required by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Undergoing a health assessment if required by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Meeting the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.


Q1: My spouse can join me on my Australian student visa?

Answer: Yes, make sure to consult with the best Migration agent.

Q2: What visa should my partner apply for if he/she wants to accompany me to Australia?

Answer: Your partner should apply for a subclass 500 as a secondary applicant.

Q3: Does my partner need to meet the exact necessities of me for an Australian student visa?

Answer: Your partner must meet the same criteria as you for a student visa (subclass 500).

Q4: What documents does my partner need to provide for an Australian student visa?

Answer: Your partner must submit all the required documents, which are mentioned above in this blog.

Q5: Are there any limitations on my partner’s work on an Australian student visa?

Answer: Yes, your partner can only work for one employer, and some definite industries and roles are excepted.



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