Subclass 494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional



The employer needs to apply for approval as a Standard Business Sponsor. Overseas Business Sponsors are prevented from using the Employer Sponsored stream.



Your sponsoring employer is a party to a work agreement that allows employing a person who is intended to be employed as a holder of a subclass 494 visa.



To be able to apply for a visa subclass 494 ( Employer Sponsored Regional ) you will have to satisfy the skills assessment test as per the Australian norms.

Subclass 494

The Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa (subclass 494) allows you to study, live or work in Australia for up to a maximum of 5 years. The 494 Visa Australia requires the applicant to be nominated by an approved work sponsor. It requires the applicant to be less than 45 years of age while applying. The visa 494 is for those applicants having special skills and expertise that have a shortage in Australia. The Australian visa 494 allows regional employers to recognize skilled laborers and sponsor them to Australia in the areas where employers cannot get suitable resources in Australia.

To be able to apply for a visa subclass 494 you will have to satisfy the skills assessment test as per the Australian norms. The skills for which you have been nominated or are applying must be listed in the Skills Occupation list attached to subclass 494. Rapid Education & Visa Consultants have an expert Migration Agent in Melbourne to help you with the application process fast.

Student Visa

What Are 494 Visa Requirements?

Graduation in Australia
  • It needs you to fulfill the English language proficiency in order to get the visa subclass 494.
  • You must satisfy the health requirements in agreement with the Australian framework along with the other family members.
  • You and all of your family members are essential to satisfy the character requirements.
  • You will be required to sign the Australian value statement where you will declare that you will respect the Australian culture, laws, and lifestyle.
  • Any of the visas or visa applications of the applicant must not have been refused or canceled in the past.
  • The applicant must not be a debtor of the Australian Government and must have paid back in case of any due quantity.

Document Checklist for Visa subclass 494

To nominate you for visa 494, your employer must submit a number of documents:

  • Your identity documents.Your employer must provide your all information, transaction reference number, visa grant number, etc.
  • Your employment contract. Your agreement must be signed by both you and the employer- unless exemptions apply.
  • Proof of labour market testing. Labor market testing has to do with challenging whether the position cannot truthfully be field by an Australian citizen. Your employer is obliged to submit proof that they have tested the market by promotion to the open position- if they don’t submit labour market proof their nomination will not be accepted.
  • Evidence that the position is genuine.Your employer should submit proof that the selected position exists and they must evidently state the duties and responsibilities you will be doing.
  • Labour agreement documents.These documents will be required if your employer is a part of the labour agreements and you are applying for the labour agreement stream.

What Is 494 Visa Processing Time?

The skilled employer-sponsored Visa 494 processing time is subject to different reasons. It may cause your processing times for the visa to vary. Your visa may take longer to procedure if you do not fill out the application correctly or miss the submission of a document. The visa processing may also take an extension to process if you do not reply on time to the required inquiries put up by the department.

However, you may feel free to contact our Migration Agent in Melbourne for all of your visa-related concerns.

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