Western Australia Announce Skilled Migration Nomination Program 2023-2024: What to Expect

Western Australia Nomination Program

Western Australia 2023-2024 Skilled Migration State Nomination Program is now open to all eligible applicants, Must know about new changes from last financial year.

To be granted certain skilled migration visas to live and work in Western Australia, you must be nominated (invited) by an Australian state or territory through the State Nominated Migration Program.

An Announcement – new changes have made it easier for skilled migrants to link with jobs in WA.

The changes include:

  • Identical invitations for both regional and overseas applicants
  • Priority for invitations to candidates with a judgmentally thought occupation in WA
  • Compact employment necessities for candidates invited through a WA building and construction industry sector occupation. You can apply for Certificate 4 in Building & Construction.

The WA Government is reducing the employment requirements for those applying for a skilled visa in the building and construction industry. While the government did not openly state the reason behind the variation. it is likely to inspire more people to apply for skilled migration in this sector, as many occupations in the industry are in high mandate.

The eligible visa applicants this program is available to are:

Must know Eligibility Requirements

  • Must Meet Department of Home Affairs eligibility requirements for the proposed visa subclass
  • Nominated occupation is available on the relevant list
  • Required Minimum English efficiency

Specific Requirements related to stream

To be considered for an invite for State Nomination, your occupation will need to be eligible compared to the specific requirements. The two streams are:

  • A skilled migration pathway for a range of occupations and industry categories. Eligible occupations are listed on the WA Skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL) Schedule 1 or 2.
  • Pathway for eligible international students completing vocational education and training (VET) or higher education qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree or above.

Western Australia Skilled Migration Occupation List

Here you can check whether your occupation is listed and eligible for your intended visa subclass and stream.

Please note that the occupations recognized in these streams, as thorough in the WASMOL and the GOL, do not relay to any specific job openings nor represent any assurance of a job. Both lists are restructured from time to time, in line with WA industry and labor force needs.

General Stream Requirements

  • At least one year of Australian or overseas work experience in a nominated (or closely related) occupation (subclass 190 and 491)
  • Full-time employment contract in WA for a minimum of six months in the nominated (or closely related) occupation (subclass 190)

The following table provides an overview of the 2023-24 requirements for each stream of the State nominated migration program, for each of the two eligible visa types.

Stream requirements Gen stream
Schedule 1
General stream
Schedule 2
Visa type 190 491 190 491 190 491
Meet Department of Home Affairs eligibility requirements for the intended visa subclass   YES    YES      YES    YES    YES    YES 
​The nominated occupation is available on the relevant list   YES    YES     YES    YES    YES    YES 
Minimum English requirements   YES   YES    YES    YES   YES   YES
At least one year of Australian or one year of overseas work experience in nominated   YES   YES      N/A     N/A    N/A   N/A
Full-time employment contract in WA. Maximum of six months in the nominated (or closely related) occupation*   YES   N/A    YES*    N/A   N/A   N/A
Have obtained a Certificate III level or above qualification from an accredited WA educational institution   N/A   N/A    N/A   N/A   YES   YES
Meet the two years WA study requirement   N/A   N/A    N/A   N/A   YES   YES

* Applicants who invited through a WA building and construction industry sector occupation, they do not essential to have a contract of employment.

How to apply for 2023-24 WA State nomination

Please note that to be eligible for an invitation in the WA State Nominated Migration Program, you must meet both:

  • the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) criteria for the nominated visa (opens in a new tab); and
  • the WA criteria for State nomination

Before Apply, you will need to check whether your occupation is listed on either the WA Skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL) Schedule 1 or 2, or the Graduate occupation list.

Check the eligibility of your occupation here

The current processing time for applications is 28 working days.

The invitation rounds are anticipated to commence in August 2023.

If you would like to discuss your conditions in details, please feel free to contact us at 61-3-96630944 or submit an online inquiry.


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