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Wanting to study in Australia? Consult Best Education consultant in Australia Rapid migration Located at 55 Swanston street, Melbourne for free 30 min consulting.

Our expert Education Counsellor can assist with below Services;

  • Admission & Student visa
  • Assistance with Student Visa Application
  • Student visa extension Services
  • Counselling for International students who is looking to Change of Course or Provider.
  • Counselling for Migration Services
  • AAT/MRT Application Assistance

Australia, is one of the most Liveable country in world and is becoming one of the hot destination for International students to study abroad. Australia is one of the Popular Country for Study due to excellent value and high standard of living for international students who can live, study and work part time while studying.

University and educational institutions in Australia are internationally known and provide high quality education. Australian degree and certifications are internationally recognised.

A True Multi cultural country who welcomes migrants or students from any ethnic religion background. Additionally International students who successfully completes 2 year of full time study on Student visa 500 subclass, can get temporary residence or Permanent residence depend on criteria.

To become eligible and apply for Student Visa Australia :

  • Current Offer letter from University or College and should have CRICOS register.
  • Depend on Country you belong to and level of Assessment it falls in you may need to provide financial requirements to show capability
  •  Able to Pay Tuition fee.
  • Accommodation and Living expense
  • OHSC ( Health insurance)
  •  Character and Police clearance certificate if required.
  •  Satisfactory doc or able to convince immigration officer abide by law while living in Australia and leave as per Visa condition.

Available various Subclass and Streams for Australian  Student Visa:

  • Subclass 500 ( Student Visa 500 )
  • Subclass 590 ( Student Guardian Visa 590)
  • Subclass 407 ( Training Visa subclass 407)
  • Subclass 485 ( Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 Visa)

Who can Apply for this Student visa or to study in Australia  :

Student who is willing to pursue full time study in Australia from a recognised institute can apply for Student Visa in any of following field;

  • Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Master Degree
  • Associate Degree

Out of many reason, one important perk for  overseas students who choose to study in Australia  is legally under Student visa subclass 500 they are allowed to work 40 hours Fortnightly and during Holidays or  terms break they can work full time. This is quite significance for many Overseas students who choose to work while study by abiding to their visa condition. Also after Graduation, Unlike many other countries, Australia immigration Department have province of allowing  students who meet all condition to apply for Temporary graduate Visa which allow them to live for minimum 2 years and ability to work full time, allow opportunity to explore options for PR ( Permanent residence).

If you are Looking for Education consultant in Australia or Expert Counsellor who can assist you to achieve your dream true , Get in touch with us


Education Consultant FAQs

Any student who is willing to pursue full-time study in Australia can apply for the student visa for: - Bachelor, Master and associate degrees - Diploma and graduate diploma
The following are the necessary criteria for gaining eligibility for student visa application in Australia. - Able to pay tuition fee, accommodation and other living expenses - Own OHSC (health insurance) - Police clearance certificate (if required) - Current offer letter from the University and college registered with CRICOS - Satisfactory document to convince migration officer
The following are the different types of student visas you can apply for: - Student Visa 500 - Training Visa Subclass 407 - Temporary Visa graduate subclass 485 - Student Guardian Visa 509
You will receive the following services that help you to pursue your higher education in Australia: - Student visa guides, admission and application. - Student visa extensions - Counselling for migration services - Any kind of assistant for student visa application - AAT or MRT application assistance
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