Student Visa extension

Student visa extension Australia

How to Extend Student Visa Australia

Students need to get the Australian student visa extension if their current student visa expires before the completion of course. This could be due to a number of reasons like course deferment, reduced study load, failed subjects, extended research application period or enrolling in a new course. 

If your visa is expiring before you can complete your course, you must submit a new student visa application to the Department of Home Affairs before your current visa expires.

What do I need to extend my student visa?

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • English language requirements
  • Evidence of Health OSHC Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of the visa. 
  • Medical Examination
  • Financial requirements

Depending on your country of passport and education provider, the documentation requirement may vary.

Student Visa extensions are similar but still quite different to applying for your initial Student Visa. 

Extending Student Visas in Australia

Technically speaking you can’t extend a visa! That means you cannot extend the validity of your existing visa.

So, to continue studying in Australia you will have to go through the whole student visa application process. To avoid last-minute surprises, we recommend you apply at least 3 to 4 months before your current visa expires. 

If you’re applying inside Australia, you’ll be granted a Bridging Visa A (BVA). It allows you to lawfully reside in Australia while your visa is processing and will come into effect once your current student visa expires.

If you’re applying outside Australia, you’ll have to wait till your student visa application is approved before re-entering Australia. 

FIND THE RIGHT College or University – Enrollment 

When you’ve chosen which field of study you’re fascinated in pursuing further, you will need to do research institutions and their offerings programs. Would you like to change colleges or even take a stab at considering an alternate city in Australia?

In the event that you are beginning in a totally new field, you may jump at the chance to take on a short course to give it a shot. Or then again, in case you’re certain you need to include a second field of aptitude to your portfolio, you can pursue a second undergraduate degree. In the event that you choose to take a short course, it should be with a CRICOS registered provider to conform to your visa conditions.

Most colleges in Australia likewise give the choice of finishing an Honours year. If you’re enrolled in a three-year Bachelor qualification, generally you’ll need to add an additional year to undertake a research project and complete a postulation. In case you’re taken a crack at a four-year Bachelor qualification, you’ll likely need to keep up a credit or refinement normal.

So first, extend, enroll, or re-enroll in a course and get your CoE from your favorite university of choice. The CoE document you need to attach to your new student visa application.

DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED – Student Visa extension

Before you apply to renew your understudy visa, you’ll need to gather all the important documents. For most students, this will incorporate a new Confirmation of Enrolment letter (CoE) from the institution where you will be carrying out your further studies.

Required Documents to extend a student visa:

  • Personal Documents

With personal documents you’ll need to include to provide your identity who you are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport identity page (i.e. every page with visa sample & immigration stamp)
  • National identity Card
  • All pages of household registration book, and
  • A CV (certified by the local authorities)
  • OSHC Policy Number
  • HAP ID Number
  • Evidence of financial capacity
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) codes

Attach your CoE for your existing course or new course/s you plan on studying and it’s critical for government and visa authority to understand how long your course and visa required to study in Australia.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Department of Home Affairs Document Checklist Tool to check what you’ll need to attach to your application.


One of the important documents and evidence to provide is about OSHC health cover during visa renewal or new student application. Australian government focus on health and wants all visitors or student to cover under insurance during stay in Australia. If health insurance is about to expire, get in touch to renew and make sure you abide by the visa condition. Get in touch with the Health insurance agent and extend or renew before expiry. 

if your last examinations were a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… you’d better get your health checks underway.

You can use the Health Declaration to find out which health examinations apply to you. To do this, go onto the ‘Health Assessment’.

You can go to an approved panel of doctors or clinics with your given HAP ID and referral Letter in Australia.

By providing Referral letter and HAP ID, Clinic and Doctor will come to know which health assessment is required from an immigration perspective and that’s how on the day of visit they will carry out a health assessment. 

Financial Proof

Depend on Your Visa category and country assessment, you may need to provide evidence of funds to continue studying in Australia means financial capability. 

Options come in the form of:

  1. Yearly Months Fund:

    This option works if you’re planning on doing an extra year or more of study. Evidence of funds required to cover the stay, tuition fees and living expenses of your stay which is generally 12 months of staying in Australia.

         It also includes travel itinerary flight back home approx $1000- $1200, Living expenses as per Standard in Australia approx
AUD$20,000 – AUD 21,000 and Tuition fee of 1 Year whatever course you choose to opt-in and length of study.

    2. Evidence of Annual Income:

If you are planning to enroll in studying a short or Long course, evidence of annual income is required for Australian Student visa either of your sponsor, parent or income of your spouse or personal income. Approx it can be from AUD $60,000.

Submit Your Student Visa Extension Application

So once your student visa application is ready to submit, you can submit the application online on your ImmiAccount. Once you’ve lodged your student visa application, the Department of Home Office will mail you a letter of acceptance, along with a duplicate of a Bridging Visa (BVA).

If you need any assistance to extend your student visa, feel free to contact our migration agent in Melbourne


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