Student Visa Consultant Australia

Student Visa Consultant Australia
Study in your dream destination – Australia

Australia is a paradise for those who want to capitalize on their educational qualifications. Highly diversified, flexible opportunities in the Australian education system annually welcome about 250,000 students worldwide. Their sophisticated system caters students in all the levels from school level to doctoral. Moreover, there are hundreds of Australian courses for international students covering all the high-demand professional and vocational subjects. High-standard living conditions, friendly hospitality, comfortable climate, and endless career opportunities are a few more reasons for Australia to become the first choice of many students. Rapid Migration is the best student visa consultant in Melbourne, Australia.

Why choose Rapid Migration as your student visa expert?

We have gained a great reputation as one of the most reliable Australia student visa partners in the industry over the past years. Most importantly, we are recognized as M.A.R.A. certified (Migration Agents Registration Authority) visa consultants considering our reliability and accuracy. Utilizing our experience and knowledge, we offer perfect visa solutions for every individual applicant.

Student Visa Consultant Australia

If any individual wish to study in Australia, he or she must check for the eligibilities in the respected fields initially. That should be the first step to apply for Australia student visa. As assistance for our clients in this crucial stage, we use all of our expertise to find the best options to match the interests of each and every individual.

Visa Subclasses

For those who wish to obtain Student visa Australia, the process has been simplified from 1st July 2016 in which instead of having student visa with subclass 570, 571, 572, 573 or 574 we have just one subclass now, that is subclass 500. International students who wish to apply for an Australian Visa will have to go under the same process of applying for a single student visa (subclass 500), regardless of their chosen course of study Other subclasses in this class is the Student Guardian (subclass 590) visa for guardians. Earlier student visa subclasses are categorized by the Australian Immigration Department as below.

  1. Subclass 402 – Training and Research visa
  2. Subclass 570 – Independent ELICOS Sector visa
  3. Subclass 571 – Schools Sector visa
  4. Subclass 572 – Vocational Education and Training Sector visa
  5. Subclass 573 – Higher Education Sector visa
  6. Subclass 574 – Postgraduate Research Sector visa
  7. Subclass 575 – Non-Award Sector visa
  8. Subclass 576 – Foreign Affairs or Defense Sector visa
  9. Subclass 580 – Student Guardian visa
Australia Student Visa
  • As per the regulations, a student (below the age of 18) who falls under subclass 580 can accompany a guardian.
  • Subclasses from 570 – 576 are determined on the sector of the education program

Student Visa Consultant guidance

Over the past couple of decades, the number of international students who wish to study Australia has increased by a huge margin. Particularly a huge number of students from Asian countries like India are seriously interested in Australia student visa in addition to the demand arises from countries like UK and USA. As a response to this heavy demand, we have established our regional office in India. This is a great assistance for Indian students to maximize their educational qualifications while experiencing perfect international facilities.

Employment opportunities

Under the rules set by the Australian Immigration Department, there are various legitimate ways to get employment for students and their guardians. As a part of our solid guidance in student migration Australia, we capitalize these opportunities utilizing our precious network for the delight of our applicants. Most of our client students cover their costs with the help of these work permits.

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