Nursing Australia

Basic requirements for permanent migration to Australia

Qualifications – Bachelor of Nursing

Experience – not required

English – IELTS (7.0 in each module) or Occupational English Test OET (B in each module)

Total Points required for PR (60)

Age – 25 to 32   30 points (33 to 39 – 25 points ) or ( less than 25 – 25 points)

Bachelors Degree – 15 points

IELTS /OET 10 points

3 years exp 5 points (5 years exp – 10 points and 8 years exp – 15 points)

For applicants who make or even 50 points we can get them to apply for PR with the help of state nomination.


We apply for registration as nurse in Australia  ($520)

After successful outcome we apply for 3 month visa to undertake bridging course in Australia (cost $10,000 approx) ($500 for visa)

After completion of course applicant can either extend their visa or come back to home country. ($500 visa extension)

We complete the registration process and applicant is registered as nurse in Australia. ($520)

We apply for skills assessment of applicant to be suitable for migration to Australia. ($590)

After successful skills assessment if the applicant makes 60 points we apply for PR or else if an applicant is falling short on points we get the sponsorship for an applicant and apply for PR. ($3600 per person)

State nomination fees could vary between  ($0 to $1000)

The whole process could take up to 1 year.


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