5 Reasons Why a Career in Commercial Cookery is a Great Choice

Career opportunity commercial cookery

Australia is a nation of food enthusiasts. Multicultural and diverse aspects have an effect on the thriving culinary culture. Because of this, there is no shortage of employment in the hotel industry.

The hotel sector experiences an average yearly growth rate of 14%. The Australian government predicts that during the course of the following five years, the hospitality industry will continue to develop. It’s estimated that there will be 80,000 additional employment vacancies overall.

What is Commercial Cookery All About?

The art, science, and technique of preparing food for use are referred to as commercial cookery. Learning commercial cooking is a wonderful option for people who want to pursue a career in this industry because Australia is home to upscale restaurants and hotels.

One may learn skills that are useful in many other areas and can be utilised anywhere in the globe by taking a commercial cooking course. For overseas students, there are a variety of cooking classes where they can learn how to inspire and manage kitchen teams, spot and fix operational and customer service concerns, schedule workflow, plan various food production methods, comprehend and fix issues with legal compliance, and organize and prepare a menu that will draw customers.

It is important to be aware of the advantages if you are looking for Colleges to Study commercial Cookery courses!

The Top 5 reasons commercial cookery is a wonderful career option are listed below.

  • Better Employment Prospects

A career in commercial cooking may lead to a variety of professional prospects with the correct training and experience. You can apply for jobs ranging from trainee to executive chef in Melbourne, Australia, after finishing a commercial cooking degree at any reputable institution there. The job description varies as well, from baker to chef, any kind of cuisine you are a specialist in.

With time and expertise, you may easily advance in your job from tiny restaurants to 5-star hotels since there will be no ceiling on your progress. You can eventually launch your own food-related business.

Additionally, a career in this field gives international chances and the chance to travel to many regions of Australia and the rest of the world.

  • High Income

Everyone thinks about their potential income while deciding on a job choice. On complition of this course, you will get high-paying jobs in hospitality industry acrosss the globe.

Getting a job in this industry ensures you get to make a fair amount, regardless of whether you want to do a commercial cookery school or a chef culinary degree. Based on rank, a cook’s average annual pay in Australia is above $60,000 or $29.36 per hour. The beginning salary for new hires is $48,757 per year, while the maximum annual salary for experienced professionals is $68,250. In addition to the pay, there are benefits like tips and incentives.

You have the option of planning to create your own business in addition to working throughout the early years of your career. When you own your own firm, you may employ others. There are several benefits as well if the firm succeeds.

  • You Can Present Your Creativity

Another benefit to enrol in a commercial cooking school is that it will allow you to express your creativity and perhaps challenge it.

Every day is a challenge for a chef. Here, one must continue to explore and occasionally create new meals. Only innovative meals that appeal to a variety of consumers’ palates will guarantee a steady stream of clients and a successful business. One must never take a consumer for granted and must constantly provide them with an enjoyable experience. 

Therefore, a job in this field can be a fantastic fit for anyone who enjoys taking on new challenges and has the desire to experiment with different foods. Additionally, there are a tonne of novel foods to taste and experiment with, and food knows no bounds.

  • Growing Industry

One of the key industries in the Australian market is the hotel industry. However, the situation has altered since the Covid-19 Pandemic devastated the food sector in 2020 and 2021In fact, according to analysts, the hotel sector will surpass $108 billion by 2023

After completing a commercial cooking course or a chef cooking degree in Australia, you can find employment as a professional cook who can run their kitchen, supervise and teach workers, and assist in the development of new recipes.

  • Enjoy Your Freedom

You can pursue a job that allows you to combine your passion for cooking with earning a living. The benefit of freedom, which is truly lacking in other professions, is present at the same time.

Being a chef or cook allows you the freedom and flexibility to create a cuisine whatever you choose. Here, you are free to try new things and run your own kitchen and cooking operations.


In summary, if you wish to study in Australia and pursue a career in hospitality, you have chosen well. You should not look back after completing any commercial cooking training. This job field has experienced considerable expansion. Want to study a cooking course in Melbourne, Australia? Feel free to contact Rapid Migration for admission in top college. 

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