A Step-by-Step Process for Extending Your Australian Student Visa in 2023!


An overseas student who wishes to study in Australia must have a valid student visa for the duration of his/her stay. It is common for your student visa to expire before the end of your academic degree. You must have assumed that a student visa in Australia can be extended in that scenario. It is true!

To complete your study, you may need to extend your student visa to Australia. Rapid Education & Visa Consultants is a well-known education and migration consultancy company in Melbourne, Australia. We also provide assistance and visa services to anyone who wants to come to Australia, travel there, or work there. 

Reasons for Seeking a Student Visa Extension

Current overseas students studying at any Australian university or institution might have to apply for a student visa extension for a variety of reasons. Each student’s reasons may differ based on the scenario. The following are some of the reasons why overseas students may need to extend their visas:

  • Due to failed subjects in your final study term, a Leave of Absence, or a Reduced Study Load.
  • You have begun a new course.
  • You have extended your graduate research fellowship.
  • Your initial visa was administratively rejected by the Department of Home Affairs.

New Visa Updates

Student visas can not be extended in Australia at the moment. However, if need to extend Subclass Visa 500 as you can’t leave the country right now or because course has been extended. In this situation, there are two options to consider:

  • Submit a visa application under Subclass 600 (Visitor Visa).

How to Extend a Student Visa in Australia?

Here is the whole procedure for extending a student visa in Australia.

  • Enrollment Request

You cannot, in any circumstances, abandon the course at any point. As a result, extending your student visa is critical. Submission of COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) to the authorities may visa extensions be acquired. You may include the COE paperwork with your application. CRICOS must be used for the registered course.

  • Prepare the Documents Necessary for the Student Visa Application

Begin preparing vital documentation such as your COE and health insurance coverage. Make a checklist of documents to present to the Department of Home Affairs. The paperwork requirements may differ based on the education provider. The following items will be required:

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of identity
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Personal statement
  • Approval of parents if the applicant’s age is under 18 years.
  • OSHC

You must extend your Overseas Students’ Health Cover to offer health insurance to the Australian government. Your health insurance provider can assist you in extending your policy.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

Your GTE is a key step towards extending your student visa in Australia. Moreever, You must mention the following things in your statement:

  • The goal of the research
  • The duration of your studies
  • Family earnings
  • Reasons to visit your home country
  • Student expenses

The Immigration Office will take into account all of your circumstances, not just the GTE statement you submit. They will determine if you are in violation of student visa deadlines. The declaration must be in the official letter format. Begin writing your purpose of stay and the other information provided above after a formal introduction.

Online Student Visa Application

All that is necessary is to provide the immigration department with application information. Submit an application online, and the Department of Home Affairs will handle the rest. Simply upload it to your Immi account.

After you lodge a student visa application, the Department will send you an acknowledgment letter including a copy of your Bridging Visa attached.


You now have a thorough understanding of how to extend a student visa in Australia. You do not need to be concerned about your stay in Australia if your existing student visa expires. Rapid Education & Visa Consultants is your one-stop-solution if you are thinking on how to extend your student visa in Australia! We can help you extend your student visa or assist you in changing your course.

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