Up to 350 International Students Return to Australia Under Pilot Scheme

Australian National University

The federal and Australian Capital Territory governments have agreed a plan for up to 350 international students return to Canberra to continue their studies. The students will come in July to resume studies at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra, the first universities to take up national cabinet’s plan to grant international students under pre-approved pilot programs.

Under the ACT pilot program, up to 350 students who have in the past studied in Canberra will fly and undergo the required 14 days of essential quarantine in hotel room, under a cost-splitting plan between the universities and the ACT government.

The universities will give first choice to existing students, such as those who enrolled in research or postgraduate study, honours students and those in the last year of their undergraduate degree.

The ANU’s vice-chancellor, Brian Schmidt, said We’re doing this for help of our students, who ought to get back on campus so they can finish their study,” he said. “Our intension is not to make any money making out of the pilot – it’s all for our students.

Australian-wide, 80% of international students were proficient to make it to Australia in time for first semester. Universities have massive drop-off in international admissions for second semester.

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