457 Visa to PR Australia (updated for new rules 2019)

457 to PR Australia

From March 2018, the Australian Government abolished the Temporary Skilled 457 visa and introduced 482 Visa. This substantial changes to the process by which applicant’s convert from 457 to PR. The changes integrated liberal transitional actions for eligible applicants wants to move from 457 to PR: Either held a 457 visa on or before 18 April 2017, or applied for a 457 visa before 18 April 2017 and were next granted their 457 visas after that date.

There are many ways for 457 visa holders to transition into PR. But this will only apply to applicants who held or applied for their 457 Visa before 18th of April 2017.


How to Convert 457 visas to Australia PR

There are four main pathways to Convert 457 to PR in 2019

• Employer-Sponsored Temporary residence Transition Stream (ENS/RSMS) (457 to 186 or 187 visas)
• Employer-Sponsored Direct Entry Stream (ENS/RSMS)
• General Skilled Migration (Point based skilled visas 189/190/489)
• Partner Migration (As the partner of an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident 820 visa)
• Apply for Business Visa

What if you say?

• You are on a 457 visa and have been living in Australia?
• An employer is ready to help you to get PR on your 457 visa?
• You found that being a permanent resident of Australia would be a great advantage because this country is a
great place to live with your loved ones for the rest of your days.
• Although you came to Australia as a single and you found a partner here and now you’d like to stay with your
partner permanently in Australia.


457 TO PR (186 VISA / 187 VISA), 2019 UPDATES

From March 2018, The Australian Department of Home Affairs confirmed that people on existing subclass 457 visa holders before changes in April 2018 will still have access to an employer-sponsored pathway to PR.

Provisional activities will be very akin to existing ones, as it means 2 years with the same employer on 457 visa and proficient English must be the main criteria. The age limit will be 49 years max as opposed to 44 for direct entry stream.


Employer Nomination Scheme (457 to 186) pathway to PR

This is the common option for temporary 457 visa holder who wishes to stay and live in Australia for Permanent. After 2 years on a 457 working visa, it seems to naturally consider applying for ENS/RSMS PR visa.

Basic Requirement to pursue 457 to 186/ 187 (457 to ENS) as a pathway to PR:

1. Your employer has fulfilled all the commitments as a 457 visa sponsor for the last 2 years;
2. You have been working with the same employer in position for the last 2 years (exemptions may apply)
3. You have obtained the required IELTS score. (Competent English- IELTS 6.0)
4. You have clear police records.
5. Meet the health, character and age requirements
6. You are under 50 years of age


457 to PR direct entry stream requirements

You might be surprised but for ENS / RSMS direct entry stream there is no need for having a 457 visa to be qualified, you may apply for ENS / RSMS under this stream straight away. If you can get your skills assessed by certifying remains and have 3 years of working experience based on your profession. It might be a possibility to be eligible for ENS visa under Direct Entry Stream.
• Your English Language requirement (IELTS 6 or comparable).
• Medical Health checks up requirement.
• No need to wait for 2 years to be on a 457 visa to go through Direct Entry Stream.


Skilled Migration (GSM visas – 457 to 189/190/ 489)

General Skilled Migration (GSM visas – 189/190/489) is one of the best options for converting your 457 visas to Australia PR. There is no need for a company/employer to avail of this type of visa. It is a system based on the Points-tested application. Points are considered from your level of education, age, years of working experience, English proficiency, etc.

you may not apply to get a visa right away, but first, you’ll have to submit for an EOI (Expression of Interest). You will have to get a score of at least 65 points for Expression of Interest lodgement. If the Immigration department will find your EOI content interesting and your occupation is still below their current top limit, they’ll invite you to apply for. You’ll have 2 months to submit all the required documents, so better have getting ready before lodging an EOI.


457 to 820 Partner Migration Visa

820 Partner Migration Visa is the easiest way for converting 457 to PR, even for those with expired visas, anyone in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. If you are an immediately 457 visa holder and you have an Australian PR or citizen partner you love so much and your relationship could be established as genuine and on-going, you can surely submit your application based on that situation.

Above is just a summary of what you need to know and consider to Apply PR from 457 working visa. For more information, feel free to call our Registered migration agent on 61-3-96630944 or Visit our office with appointment.

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