New Subclass 491 visa Skilled Regional work visa Australia


Skilled Work Regional Visa  Subclass 491 Visa (Update 2019)

What you should know about new Skilled Work Regional visa ?

The 491 Visa Skilled Work Regional visa is new and now Replacing the existing 489 visa and beginning November 16, 2019.  This 491 visa subclass with 14,000 spots allocated every year. This will manipulate the capacity of states and regions to submit and subject invitations for the subclass 489 visa and for significance transients to embrace up EOIs and applications for this visa in agreement mentioned below. Similarly Permanent Residency Skilled regional visa 191 subclass will come into existence from Nov 2022 as per immigration ministry. 
For year 2019 – 2020 the arranging rank has been set at 160,000 spaces with a rebalancing existing year to diminish the Skilled Independent and organize Employer sponsored, provincial and State & province Nominated. The focal point of the Migration Program keeps on being on high quality skilled migrants who bring highest benefit to Australian.

Visa Subclass 491 is a tried visa for candidates sponsored by:

1. Assigned territorial region of an Australian state or region, or
2. Qualified relative living in an assigned territorial region of Australia

Points allocated for the visa Subclass 491?

  • 15 points for nomination by a relative or a regional part of a state or territory
  • 10 points for a skilled partner or de facto;
  • 10 points for Master Degree (certain Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) qualifications;
  • 5 points for a Partner or de facto partner who can demonstrate Competent English. 
  • 10 points for applicants exclusive of a spouse/partner.

Key Dates for Subclass visa

10 Sep 2019 The last day for any state and territory gov. to nominate and for invitations to be issued for a 489 visa.
15 Nov 2019 Final day for those who have been invited to apply for a subclass 489 visa to lodge a subclass 489 visa application.
16 Nov 2019 Expression of Interest can be lodged by Applicants subclass 491 visa.

Australian State and territory can appoint and invitations are able to be issued to an intend migrant for a 491 visa

Will I be eligible to apply for subclass 191?

Candidates should hold one of the new talented temporary visas 494 or 491 and demonstrate that they have lived and worked in local Australia for at any rate three years. On the off chance that you live or work in the metropolitan territories of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth, you will be in break of your temporary visa conditions and not be qualified to apply for the 191 visa.
In the event that you right now hold a 489 visa you will keep on being qualified for the 887 permanent residency visas for the 887 and won’t be affected by the new 191 visas and lengthier prerequisite.

Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa

This visa will:

  • Replace the current visa Subclass 489 Skilled – Regional (Provisional) Visa;
  • Allow for a temporary 5 year visa with access to PR after three years;
  • Be accessible under two streams; Family Member Sponsored Stream & State/Territory Sponsored Stream.

The Department is seeing an expansion in stable employer sponsored visa applications with eligible visa subclasses, streams or ANZSCO codes. Migration agents are reminded to guarantee precision and concern when carrying out ENS and RSMS appointment and visa applications. Blunders of this nature can affect the result of an application and raise the processing times.

Are you Looking for assistance from a Australian Registered Migration for this subclass visa?

Contact our immigration consultant if you like a personalised eligibility assessment of your Skilled Nominated Subclass 491 visa application.


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