Australia Needs Another 280,000 Skilled Workers By 2025

skilled workers 2025

Australia’s near-limitless need for foreign skilled workers could be relieved by allowing international students to stay more than two years, as well as designing more flexible work systems made potential by the pandemic, said MARA registered Migration agent.

With about 860,000 people in the country involved in some kind of expertise tech job – a number set to increase to one million by 2026 and 1.2 million by 2030 – IT Professionals is now a more communal job, so chef, engineers, tourism and more in demand. said Tech Council of Australia chief executive office Kate Pounder.

Number of retirements, that means the nation needs 280,000, of which about half can come from retraining, with the remainder coming from recently trained support workers as well from migration, she said.
Preeti Bajaj, CEO of Adecco Group’s Australian business, asked Australian policymakers and businesses to think of skills training workers as an investment that would give a return.

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“I encourage every CEO and every chief human resource manager in our country to believe about this,” Ms Bajaj said.

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There should be more options for permanent residency settlement, instead of bringing them back out of the country.
News source: https://www.afr.com/business-summit/australia-needs-another-280k-skilled-workers-by-2025-20220308-p5a2np

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