Australia News: International students included in vaccination program.

vaccination program Australia

International students’ study & living in Australia will be eligible to take the Covid-19 vaccine when the roll out opens during February.
The news out as a relief to the roughly 520,000 international student visa holders who have stayed in Australia since the pandemic started, many of whom are banned from gain access to other government health and financial aid programs.

Greg Hunt, Federal Health minister said “the country’s vaccination plan intends to give as many people as possible availability of vaccine.

“We need to make sure that everyone who’s on Australian land is safe, and everyone who’s on Australian has access to safety.

He also added “That means the government will give Covid-19 vaccinations to all visa holders in Australia for Free. This will involve refugees, shelter seekers, temporary visa holders, and also those on bridging visas.

“People who currently residing in detention accommodations will also be eligible, as well as those whose visas have been withdrawn.”

However, those on Tourist, eVisitor, Transit and Electronic Travel Authority visas won’t be entitled for free vaccination program but may be offered dosages under a user-pays plan.

The vaccination program has been broken down into five stages focusing on protecting the most susceptible in the community first nonetheless of visa or citizenship status.

First in line are border workers, isolation workers and those front-line health care workers like concentrated care units and emergency staff. People who are in residential and aged care, as well as those who work there, will also be listed first.

It is expected the vaccination program will be ended by mid-October.

To know more in details, Must read full article https://thepienews.com/news/australia-intl-students-included-in-vaccination-program/

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