Australia Permits S48 Barred Applicants to Apply Skilled Visa Onshore

The Federal Australian government has amended the legislation to allow people with S48 bar to apply onshore for certain visa subclasses. People with S48 bar will be able to apply for visa subclass 190/494/491 onshore from 13 November 2021.

The Department of Home Affairs has amended the legislation to facilitate these changes.

From 13 November 2021, s48 bar holders can also apply for visa SC 190, visa SC 491, and visa SC 494 onshore.

You do not have to leave the country to apply for your visa. Section 48 of the Migration Act says if your visa has been refused or canceled while in Australia, you cannot apply for another visa while in Australia. So applicants only need to go abroad to file an application.

However, many immigrants missed the opportunity to file their visa application despite receiving invitations due to Article 48 bar after Australia imposed covid-19 virus restrictions on international travel. As a result, only citizens and permanent residents can return from abroad.

Australian immigration experts in Melbourne say this is huge for thousands of applicants in Australia who are waiting to lodge their applications.

Due to the S48 bar, many applicants cannot register their applications as they cannot travel abroad. This had left them in limbo. So this change in the law is too big for them. Now they will be able to apply for the visa,” said Ghothane lawyers, Tonnou Ghothane, Managing Director, and principal Lawyer.

Some visa applications are exempt from the S48 bar. For example, onshore applicants can apply for Partner Visa 820/801, Protection Visa, Medical Treatment Visa, Special Category Visa, All Bridging Visa, and Child (Residence) Visa.

Rapid Migration say this will be the first time in history that onshore applicants will be allowed to apply for a subclass 190/494/491 visa.

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