Australia Visa running out – Visitors in Australia stuck up in COVID19

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Due to the coronavirus crisis, several airlines have now canceled all international flights to countries that are worst-hit by the outbreak, leaving some visitors from these countries facing a real problem of their Australian visitor visas running out before they can return home. So now What to do next?

“I am intended to leave Australia as my visitor visa is getting to expired, but due to this coronavirus emergency, all flights canceled as of now. I’m getting confused about what to do next? Do I need to Contact Immigration agent Melbourne or contact to nearest Embassy in Australia?

There are many such people caught up in flight cancellations and approaching visa deadlines, not knowing how to prevent being without a valid visa extension in Australia. Are you getting confused? Don’t worry about it.

“If visa holders want to stay in Australia beyond the expiry date of their current visa, they must apply for a extend visa,” a spokesperson for the Australian Home Affairs Department said.

You need to make sure that you must do an application before the current visa expired. In this case, the visa holder may be eligible to be granted a bridging visa, through which you can live lawful in Australia till a decision pending on your application,” the spokesperson explained.

Now, if the visa holder has a “No Further Stay” condition, they are unable to make a valid application for any other visa while they are in Australia. If any circumstance they wish to remain in Australia beyond the expiry date, application of request to waive this condition must be made. IF you don’t know how to do? Found here

Department of Home Affairs: No Further Stay

IF you are getting confused or could not find the solution, Feel free to contact our migration agent, we will help you with the best possible solution.  Call us on 61-3-96630944 / 61 405-903-744


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