Australia’s Overseas Travel Ban Extended Amid COVID Pandemic

Travel ban 2020 Australia

Source: 7news.com.au

Australia’s international travel ban has been now extended for another next three months, with the covid-19 pandemic set to extend into next year.

All international departures will remain suspended under an expansion to the human biosecurity emergency phase.

“AHPPC has warned that the international and domestic COVID-19 position continues to pose an intolerable public health risk,” Health Minister Greg Hunt state that.  “The extension period of the emergency period is an suitable response to that risk.”

Labor is asking the government raise the cap on worldwide arrivals to allow more Australians stranded overseas to return back their home.

News source: https://7news.com.au/politics/labor-calls-for-action-on-travel-caps-c-1291008?fbclid=IwAR1J-YLEacFQ6lms4DW7KEFW5IAB-td4cAM_Lgsg7oNb6DjM11MIcasnEYw

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