Extra 1 Year Visa for International Graduates from Regional Institutions!

Extra 1 year visa extension

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a new program for an additional temporary graduate visa ( 485 Visa) with an Extra 1-year visa extension of post-study employment rights for foreign international students who:

  • Applicant should Maintain an ongoing residence in a regional area while holding their first Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa 
  • Those, who graduates from the regional campus of a registered institution university with a higher or postgraduate qualification,

The meaning of territorial Australia, for this reason, will be equivalent to the definition for skilled Immigrants – all of Australia aside from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.


Boost in post-study work rights based on Australian qualification

  • Bachelor degree (including Honours): 2 + 1 year
  • Masters by coursework: 2 + 1 year
  • Masters by Research Program: 3 + 1 year
  • Doctoral degree/PhD: 4 + 1 year
  • Other courses of study comprise at least 2 academic years: 1.5 + 1 year

In order to be qualified for this 1-year visa extension, International students need to graduate from a regional university or institution and afterward go through, at any rate, two years living in a provincial region. The extra Temporary Graduate visa will be formally executed from November 2019, and be accessible to the first eligible graduates from the year 2021. Moreover, Existing Temporary Graduate visa holders might be qualified, if they can meet these prerequisites. Keep in mind, there is no change to student visa actions.  This proposal simply provides additional encouragement for international students to study and reside in regional Australia.

No change to existing visas

These two new regional visas in upcoming November 2019 won’t affect people who already hold their existing visas. Those Applications submitted prior to November 2019 will be processed as usual. There will be no impact on the permanent residence of current visa holders.

Regional areas may include NSW Central Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle, Adelaide, Hobart, and Canberra.

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