Guide to Student Visa Extension and Refusal in Australia 2022

Guide to Student Visa Extension and Refusal in Australia 2022

For what reason do you have to extend your student visa? Study and individual conditions around an international student contemplating in Australia are probably going to change, including the length of your study. Extending your study period length would expect you to expand your Student Visa from Australia. A student visa extension in Australia should not be underrated. Didn’t provide enough proof or miss any documents then it will prompt your student visa refusal in Australia. Be that as it may, what occurs next when your visa gets dismissed while you are in Australia? In this article, we will give you bits of knowledge on what you ought to do assuming that your Australian student visa extension gets declined inside Australia, and laying out the means you should take intending to the present circumstance.

Be aware that each case is unique, and the right strategy will rely upon the individual conditions of every individual. There is nobody size-fits-all methodology as each case should be painstakingly analysed to decide the best and right game-plan to take with respect to your visa extension refusal. Learn how you can in any case get your review, even your visa after your student visa extension got refused.

The following are the four steps that you need to follow after your student visa extension is refused by the Immigration department.

  1. Get to know the reasons why your student visa extension got refused
  2. Look for the professional help
  3. Reapply for your visa or
  4. Appeal for your visa extension refusal

Get to know the reasons why your student visa extension got refused:

When you got a student visa extension refusal in Australia, you should know exactly why your visa application was denied. A student visa extension refusal can be made under different grounds so that you would be wise to check the specific explanations behind your refusal tenaciously. For the most part, you can observe the explanations behind the Australian Student Visa augmentation refusal in a letter sent by Immigration. The letter gives you the motivations behind why your visa application was denied. There might be one explanation, or perhaps a few reasons. Ensure you get what the letter is saying so that assuming you decide to reapply, you can have all the correct information. However uncommon as it very well might be, you might see that the purposes behind your student visa extension refusal depend on a misconception, and you can get your visa allowed once you explain.

Most common reasons for refusal of student visa extension:

  • When reasons in your GTE statement for a visa extension are unclear
  • If you fail to show the sufficient funds
  • If the provided information is mismatching with department data
  • If the required document is missing

Look for the professional help

You should be extra cautious while reapplying for a visa or making an appeal for your visa refusal. If not, your application might be rejected, once more. After you have done the initial step, and understood the reasons for the refusal, you should ensure that you give adequate and significant data with regards to why Immigration ought to consider giving you a Student Visa and that you could demonstrate that their decision was false. In some cases, you really want to incorporate huge loads of supporting and required documents into your application. This could be exceptionally unpleasant in light of the fact that you just have restricted time to apply next application to not outstay your visa in Australia.

So, as it is a stressful and complicated process you should look for professional help like Immigration agents or MARA agents who have experience in this sort of case.

Reapply for your visa

It is possible to reapply for a student visa after your visa extension got refused. In any case, refusal of your previous application will be considered into the account by Immigration before giving the decision on this visa. You should understand the reasons for your previous visa refusal and gather all the required documents and make sure everything is perfect.

Appeal for your visa extension refusal

The appeal is best in the process after you made your student visa application and got the refusal while you were in Australia. You have a limit of 21 days to appeal against your visa refusal. The AAT will analyse the choice made by the Department of Immigration. You will be likely to pay the application expense of AU$ 3,000 preceding the cut-off time for submitting the application. This appeal process could require months, even a long time (normal of 552 days for student visa extension refusal), and you ought to give extra documents to challenge the choice to reject your visa by the Department of Immigration. During the appeal process, you are permitted to proceed with your studies while sitting tight for the AAT verdict.

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