International students could be rewarded with simpler Australian PR pathways

PR pathways

Australia has finally welcomed fully vaccinated international students back in country whose study abroad plans were paused since covid. New year 2022 looks even lighter as Mandeep Sidhu, a migration agent for Rapid Migration, Australia will focus on extending Australian PR pathways for international students who stayed loyal to Australia despite two years of uncertainty.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs designed the Migration Plan to accomplish an array of economic and social results. In 2021-22, it will have a total planning level of 160,000 spots. Department of Home Affairs, plan to fill that 160,000 with fairly a few people who are here on temporary visas.

“The Australian government has already announced the amount of visa changes throughout the pandemic and will remain to review visa sets to support economic recovery,” a spokesperson for the Department of Home Affairs said.

Currently, 79,600 places will be preserved for specialists in the Skill stream — each of whom will be major roles in enhancing the efficiency of the country’s economy and skill shortages in regional Australia. 77,300 places will for those who be eligible for the Family stream, which supports Australians to bring together with overseas family partners striving for citizenship.

Australian PR pathways in 2022: Replacement for temporary graduate visa holders

Recent international students graduate in Australia can look forward to improving post-study work rights.

In Nov 2021, Australian government announced that existing Temporary Graduate subclass 485 visa, who were trapped offshore due to the COVID-19, will be proficient to apply for a alternative visa of the same length from July 1, 2022.

Australia is also set to increase the length of stay on the Temporary Graduate visa from two to 3 years for Masters by Coursework graduates, similar the provisions for master’s by Study graduates. Vocational Education and Training (VET) graduates will also obtain a 2 Temporary Graduate visa. Those in the Graduate Work stream will be skilled to stay in the country for 18 to 24 months.

“There’s an immense growth of various changes and circumstances, and who uses for what and who can make what. But it’s very expected if there is another border line closing as well, this will be the number one thing to go.”


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