Partner visa 820, 801 Processing Time in 2022

Partner Visa processing time

Partner Visa 820 and 801 are the most pursued accomplice visa choices. In the event that you are married to, or in a facto relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or qualified New Zealand citizen of same-gender or another gender, you might be eligible for partner visa 820 and 801 to live respectively with your spouse or partner in Australia as a permanent resident.

Assuming that you are in Australia and hold a valid substantive visa, you can make a joint application for Subclass 820/801 partner visa Australia at the same time. Certain candidates in Australia without a valid considerable visa could in any case have the option to apply for Subclass 820/801 Partner visas. Reach us for additional details.

In the event that you are presently outside of Australia, you should come to Australia before you can make an application for onshore Partner Visas. On the other hand, you may wish to apply for offshore Partner Visas (Subclass 309/100).


The fact that Subclass 820 Visa and 801 Visa (onshore Partner visas) are held up at the same time, they are assessed and granted in 2 separate stages for the relationship that is certainly not a long-term partner relationship. The handling of Subclass 801 Partner (Permanent) visas will just begin after something like 2 years has passed since the date of Subclass 820/801 Partner visas application.

This is to guarantee just a partner with veritable and serious relationships is eligible to turn into an Australian permanent resident. Long term partner relationship can be characterized as a relationship that has gone on for:

  • At least 2 years on the off chance of both the candidate and the Australian spouse/partner;
  • At least 3 years if without a Kid in the relationship.

Partner visa 820, 801 – Average Processing Time 2022

  • Temporary Partner 820 Visa is around a half month for 25% of all the visa applications, 11 months for half of all the visa applications, 17 months for 75% of all the applications, and 23 month for 90% of all the visa applications.
  • Extremely durable Partner 801 Visa is around 81 days for 25% of all the visa applications, 5 months for half of all the visa applications, 9 months for 75% of all the visa applications, and 18 months for 90% of all the visa applications.

People handling time differs in view of the particular conditions of the candidate and sponsor, as well as the nature of the application presented to the Department of Home Affairs. Numerous applications are really handled a lot quicker than the normal handling time.

Assuming you wish to have your visa application introduced in the best quality and might want to ensure the application can be handled in a timely manner, we recommend you contact our accomplished registered migration agent Melbourne to deal with your documents.

To Apply for Partner visas, Book a Migration consultation to get expert advice.

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