Partner Visa Processing Time In 2022

Partner Visa

Partner Visa 309 and 100 are for people from outside Australia to apply for migration in light of marriage or accepted relationships. Assuming you are locked in to, or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or qualified New Zealand resident of the same sex or another gender, you might be qualified for partner visa 309 and the resulting partner visa 100 to live respectively with your spouse or partner Visa in Australia as a permanent resident.

Both Subclass 309 and 100 Partner visas are to be lodged at up same when you are outside Australia, and they will be assessed and granted in 2 separate stages for a relationship that is not a long partner relationship.

The processing of the Subclass 100 Partner (Permanent) visa will just initiate after no less than 2 years have passed since the date of Subclass 309/100 Partner visas application. This is to ensure just partner with a genuine & committed relationship is qualified to become an Australian permanent resident.

Long term partner relationship can be characterized as a relationship that has continued for:

  • At less than 2 years in the dependent of both the applicant of both the candidate and the Australian spouse/partner;
  • somewhere around at least 3 years if without a child in the relationship.

While in Australia, a partner visa candidate might apply to enroll in Medicare, Australia’s health care scheme.

Partner Visa 309, 100 Processing Time – Processing Time 2022

The ongoing typical handling time is as below:

  • subclass 309 Temporary Partner Visa is around 4 months for 25% of all the visa applications, 8 months for half of all the visa applications, 21 months for 75% of all the visa applications, or 29 months for 90% of all the applications.
  • subclass 100 Permanent Partner Visa is around a half year for 25% of all the visa applications, 9 months for half of all the visa applications, a year for 75% of all the visa applications, and year and 18 months for 90% of all the visa applications.

Individual processing time changes in light of the specific circumstances of the applicant and sponsor, as well as the nature of the application, introduced to the Department of Home Affairs. Many applications are actually processed a lot quicker than the average processing time.

If you wish to have your visa application introduced in the best quality and might want to ensure the application can be processed in time, we recommend you contact our experienced Registered migration agent Melbourne to deal with your records. 

If you have already lodged the files, and presently might want to get a professional to review your application or assist with raising your application, Rapid Education and Visa  Consultant is the right group to help you.

We have helped many clients successfully speed up their visa applications, and have various clients got their visas application within a week after connecting with us! However we can’t ensure visa grants in a specific time period, we are very proud and confident that our professional service will doubtlessly assist you with further the quality and quick track the application!

Subclass 309/100: Partner Visa (Offshore)

Subclass 309 Partner (Provisional) visa is a temporary partner visa that leads to a permanent Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) visa, which may be allowed once somewhere around at least 2 years have passed since the Subclass 309 Partner visa application was made.

Partner visa candidate that has been in a long partner relationship with the supporting partner will be granted a permanent Subclass 100 Partner (Migrant) visa in a 1: step process.

Long term partner relationship is a relationship that has gone on for:

  • at least 2 years assuming that there is a dependent child of both the candidate and the Australian spouse/partner.
  • somewhere around at least 3 years if without a child in the relationship.

Need assistance with your application for Partner Visa 309 and 100? Contact us today!

Partner visas can be very complex and our team at Rapid Migration is knowledgeable about complex cases as follows:

  • Visa refusal or visa cancellation history from Australia or some other country;
  • Relationship with sponsoring  Australian spouse/partner stopped because of family violence committed by the sponsor.
  • Relationship with supporting Australian spouse/partner stopped and has parental responsibility regarding a child.
  • Sponsoring Australian spouse/partner passed away before obtaining permanent partner visa.

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