Why should you seek the assistance of a registered migration agent?

It is a well known fact that migration to Australia is thoroughly observed by relevant authorities. These authorities take all the measures to ensure that the visa applicants are not misled by counterfeit migration agents. It is a rule in Australia that all the migration agents should register with the Migration Agents Registration Authority which is famously known as MARA.

As per the Australian law, MARA members should prove themselves to be migration experts by all means. There are certain requirements to fulfill for an agent to become a registered migration agent; either they MUST be Australian Legal Practitioners or be graduated in Australian Migration Law and Practice.

It is important to know that it is illegal under Australian law even to give out migration advice. Upon such illegal act, necessary actions will be taken by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). If you get the help of an unregistered agent, even you will end up jeopardizing your chances to enter Australia.


What can an unregistered migration agent do for you?

Basically, an unregistered migration agent Melbourne can

  • Help you to understand the relevant documents including forms
  • Realize whether you need a visa
  • Provide you some information about the visa application (from where to get them submitted etc).

However, under any circumstance, it is ILLEGAL for unregistered migration agents to;

  • Suggest you the visa category you should apply for
  • Demonstrate the visa application process
  • Use their experience and fill out the forms for you
  • Any other official matter pertaining to Australian migration services

Some of these fraudsters may convey misleading information to visa applicants and try to gain their trust. Such bogus agents will request upfront payments even before the initiation of the application process; in most of the cases you lose all the money and the time you spend.

So, before you trust a visa partner, you should;

Ask for their registration number and check it with the MARA official website. All the registered migration agents are listed in this particular website which is extremely easy to find.

Benefits of selecting a MARA registered migration expert

If you are wise enough to avoid fraudsters and get in touch with a registered migration agent (eg. rapid migration), your visa application will be processed in a legal way. By looking at your qualifications and eligibilities, these experts can guide you to the most appealing visa category that can be possessed within the shortest time.

Since all the steps are followed legally, there is nothing to worry for you in terms of losing your money or valuable time. These experts are capable of offering precise documentation which is very important for the success of a visa application. They are aware of all the updates of the migration rules, and process the applications to match them guaranteeing the results.

Contact your migration agent in advance and get their opinion before everything else. Clarify all the doubtful points during the initial process.

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