Skilled Regional Nominated Migration Subclass 489

Visa Subclass 489
Live & Work in New South Wales – Ask us How?
Many occupations are still in lists and accepting EOI and can be eligible for State nomination through RDA Orana.
Registered Nurse
Social worker
Subject to specific criteria requested by RDA Orana and the Orana Region Skills List (not the NSW Skills List), anyone who meets the Department of Home Affairs criteria for a visa subclass 489 visa is welcome to submit an Expression of Interest through the Orana region or registered Mara agent can assist with this process.
You can check if your role could be considered either email to migration@rdaorana.org.au or contact us before your application submission.
Skilled regional nominated migration (Subclass 489) is a provisional skilled visa that permits applicant to live and work in regional New South Wales area for up to four years which intake can lead to PR ( Permanent Residency Visa.).
RDA Authority and committee in NSW in Partnership with the NSW Department of Industry works to deliver the 489 programs.
For accountant and Civil engineer application is currently closed for EOI until full-time genuine employment related role in the Orana region.

Step 1: ( EOI) Expression of Interest Process

Step 1: who can apply for visa subclass 489 through RDA ORANA.

Before application of 489 or 491 you will be required to meet specific criteria set by RDA Orana and also need to see if your occupation is the still in Orana Region Skills List (not the NSW Skills List). If you are meeting these criteria you are welcome to apply for this visa.

Step 2: The Expression of Interest Submission

You can submit EOI 1st 14 days of each month which is started from 1st June 2019.

It includes formally submission of EOI in Orana region subclass 489 plus fee along with submission of Documents.

Step 3: Selection and Invitation

Within 7 days, applicants will be required to submit supporting documents once EOI has been accepted.

Important note: Applicants need to remember that  EOI at least submits before 3 months prior to the expiry of any current visa.

Stage 2: Full application 

Step 1: Applying through RDA ORANA for NSW State nomination.

If you have completed stage 1 successfully and selected to apply for NSW state nomination through RDA Orana, you will receive email and need to do needful for application within 7 days. This includes providing supporting doc and upload, payment of application fee.

Required full list of documents and the standards they must adhere to for application can be found here  HERE. Note: invitation doesn’t been NSW state nomination will be approved by RDA Orana.

Step 2: Assessing the application
Step 3: NSW State nomination through RDA Orana

Approval: If the application is approved then RDA Orana will notify NSW department who will complete applicant nomination with IMMI. They will confirm as part of process Skill select EOI and at same time issue visa invitation to apply for subclass 489. This is valid only for 60days from approval.

Refusal: If the application is refused it will be notified as per immigration standard.

Step 4: Applying for the subclass 489 visa

Once the invitation received, an applicant needs to lodge a file within 60 days.

Stage 3- Living in the Orana Region

Once Home affair ( Immi has granted visa notify RDA Orana skilled team and Move to Orana region. Also as part of the obligation, applicants need to keep long term contact with RDA orana.


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