How Studying Commercial Cookery Can Pathway To PR?

commercial cookery to PR

Do you consider yourself as a chef? Do you love to cook food for others or you have mastery in cooking? Have you considered a career in hospitality?

With a growing culinary and great employment opportunities, many international students opt to take Hospitality management & Commercial Cookery course in Australia.

Studying commercial cookery is a popular choice amongst most of the international students’ study in Australia, stirred by the high standards of Australia’s restaurant scene and expert culinary schools where students can learn from experts’ mentors.

It’s not a surprise that hospitality is a fast-growing industry and is expected to grow 12% throughout the following 5 years, employing an extra 100 000 people.

Employees in hospitality in Australia procure an average salary even in a selection level position and workers can move rapidly up the career ladder. A kitchen or café is a fast-paced environment requiring laborers to think on their feet and work well together, so great correspondence and intrapersonal aptitudes are important to work in this dynamic environment.

Read the benefits of stud in commercial cookery and how it could lead to Australian PR and conceivable career opportunity.

Occupation in demand

Advantage from working in hospitality Industry that is growing at rapidly and consistently advancing. Increasing in demand, a drifting society of foodies and resident’s growth, the hospitality industry is expected to grow significantly. The industry demands inventiveness, difficult work and individuals with a dream of where they want to go.

After completed studying for two years, a student can apply for TRA’s Job Ready Program (JRP). If after the course the individual is able to earn 65 points or more under General Skilled Migration, he or she can apply for the visa.

Skilled occupation lists in Australia, Mr Chang admits that getting permanent residency is easier to obtain if your occupation is chef rather than a cook.

Exploring A Pathway to Permanent Residency

Chef is listed on the state talented occupation list for Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and NT. Thus, it provides an opportunity you could explore to get permanent residency in Australia. The occupation of Chef is listed on the, Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List, whilst Pastrycook is listed on the, Short Term Skilled Occupational Demand list.

The Australian Government is urging talented specialists’ workers to move to territorial areas to fill the skill shortage gap in this region. It is worthwhile to concentrate in a local region, for a few reasons

  • You would benefit by an extra 5 points by studying in a regional area
  • Regional visas have priority preparing
  • If you gain work in a specified DAMA provincial area, you would be excluded from the minimum pay required ($53,900) on the new 494 and 491 visas

Where to study?

Australia is home to many highly regarded schools and universities where you can study diploma, certificate and degrees in hospitality, and commercial cookery.

What career professions are available after you graduate?

As you attempt a course, you will gain knowledge of what you appreciate and perhaps your preferred area of specialization.

  • Accommodation Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Chef
  • Conference center manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Public house manager
  • Restaurant manager

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University offers a bachelor’s degree in business and hotel management as well as graduate certificates, diplomas and a master’s in tourism and hotel management.

Find out more about studying at Southern Cross University

If you’re interested in studying in Commercial Cookery in Australia and need some assistance, don’t hesitate to call Rapid Education & Migration Expert on 03 96630944

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