Tech migrants shun Australia’s new fast-track PR Visa Application

Australia Visa Application

Australia’s new PR migration scheme for highly skilled technologists will scrap to attract 5000 people in its first year, with under 300 visas approved before COVID-19 began to start.

Recently, 30 January, just 102 subclass 124 distinguished talent visas and 125 subclasses 858 distinguished talent visas had been approved by the Department of Home Affairs from 188 and 209 applications, separately.

Even if all 227 of the visas approved came through the GTI channel, it epitomizes just a fraction of the 5000 people the gov. desires to attract between July 2019 and June 2020. This leaves most places to be occupied in the last five months of the structure during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is intended at highly skilled technologists that are likely to earn more than $140,000 each year working in including cybersecurity, Software IT, fintech, and quantum computing.
Source : https://www.itnews.com.au/news/tech-migrants-shun-australias-new-fast-track-permanent-residency-visa-548177

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