Top Australian Universities with Highest Employment Rates!

Top Australian Universities with Highest Employment Rates!

The Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020 (GOS) has shown the top Australian universities with the maximum full-time graduate employment rates. Curiously, the review has additionally revealed that undergraduate employment has really ascended since 2017.

Generally, the 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey inferred that every Australian university remembered for the report recorded an impressive employment rate of over 81%. keeping in mind that a few colleges may have higher full-time graduate employment rates than others, the report recommends that this isn’t necessarily because to the teaching quality or notoriety of the university. Things like distinctive worker markets in a specific state or region, the courses offered by a university, or the make-up of the student population can influence results.

With regard to full-time employment after accepting a postgraduate degree, the universities are ranked as follows:

  • Australian Catholic University – 98.6%
  • Federation University Australia – 98.2%
  • The University of Notre Dame Australia – 98.2%
  • La Trobe University – 97.9%
  • Macquarie University – 97.3%
  • Queensland University of Technology – 97.2%
  • The Australian National University – 96.8%
  • Monash University – 96.1%
  • University of New South Wales – 96.0%
  • Central Queensland University – 95.9%

COVID-19 and graduate employment

The expansion in graduate employment across the board is welcome news to numerous new and current understudies across Australia, yet the report addresses the effect of COVID-19. While the full-time graduate business rate had increased to 90.1% preceding 23 March 2020, “nominal or crude estimates” in view of reactions after this date show in the labor market, with the full-time employment rate falling to 88.6 percent for reactions after 23 March 2020.

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