Travel restrictions and exemptions Australia

Ordinarily resident outside Australia

Date on1 August 2021 the Minister for Health and Aged Care amended the Biosecurity Determination 2020. From 11 August 2021 Australian citizens and permanent citizens normally resident in a country out of Australia will not be necessarily exempt from Australia’s outer travel restrictions. From this day, you have to apply for a travel exception through the Travel Exemption Portal.


Supporting proof must be provided and might consist of:

foreign government issued papers, for example

  • foreign drivers’ license
  • foreign government issued citizenship card

proof you have an established and established home overseas, for example

  • tenancy/residential contract
  • utility bills, rate bills

evidence you are working or have ongoing business activities overseas

  • Letter from your employer contract in a foreign country
  • Business lease agreement


If you have intended travel and have not been evaluated as meeting the normally resident requirements, please apply through the travel exemption portal 

If you have obtained a travel exemption approval before 11 August 2021 and have not yet travelled, you can use this exemption for a solo departure from Australia. You are not required to apply for an additional exemption, unless you have previously travelled using your prior approval, or wish to depart again in the upcoming.

If you are out of Australia and want to travel to Australia then return to your nation of residence, you can ask for an outwards exemption before you enter in Australia. Exemptions will be valid for 3 months from the date of authorization.

Transitional period until 7 September 2021

Until 7 September 2021, travelers who arrive at the airport without an exemption, will be allowed to travel if their status as ordinarily resident overseas can be confirmed by an ABF officer at departure. These travelers will be advised that for future travel they will need to apply for an exemption in advance through the travel exemptions portal.


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