482 VISA SUBCLASS - Rapid Migration

On 18th April 2017, Temporary skilled Visa – 457 Visa was abolished and got replaced with the new visa subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa that supports businesses in Australia who can’t find a skilled worker with the required skills.

What are Option available TSS (482 visa) and how it replaces 457 visa Subclass?

The new 482 visa available in different streams permits visa holder to live in Australia while working full time for sponsor employer.

Short term Stream


✅ Short term visa you can stay up to 2 years or 4 years if ITO applies.
✅ The nominated occupation must be on short term skilled occupation lists. STSOL occupations are eligible for        this stream. Link to Skilled occupation
✅ 2 years of work experience in the related nominated occupation.
✅ should have a relevant skilled assessment if required. Link to Skilled assessment
✅ Minimum English standard proficiency unless exempt.

Medium term Stream


✅ Medium term visa you can stay up to 4 years. Both Short term and a medium applicant can visit multiples times
from to and fro to Australia.
✅ The nominated occupation must be on Medium and long term Strategic Skills List. Link to Skilled occupation
✅ 2 years of work experience in the related nominated occupation.
✅ should have a relevant skilled assessment if required. Link to Skilled assessment
✅ Higher English level required than Short term Visa and Minimum English standard proficiency criteria can be            check here unless exempt.
✅ if eligible you can apply for PR (Permanent Residency Visa)
If applicants from UK, USA, Canada, NZ or Ireland, they will be exempt from English proficiency.

Other Information

– Health and character criteria required to be met.

– Police clearance certificates required too.

– No age restriction

 TSS 482 visa involves a three-step process:

1.) Business sponsorship: A sponsorship application by the employer of Australia lawfully run a business under ABN; have register business name, BAS statement, and financial records.

2.) Nomination: This is submitted by the employer a nomination application for a skilled position which includes the details on the position, case study how position becomes vacant and why.  An employer must nominate a position and justify why this needs to be filled in by overseas citizen and as part of it need to met some requirements like

–  Labor testing

– Salary Level

– Training Levy

3.) Visa application: Application needs to be submitted by the nominated employee.

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1. Can TSS 482 visa holder apply for PR?

Ans. YES, only if you get a TSS visa via the medium-term stream, you may be able to apply for PR after three years.

2. Who can apply for TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) Visa 482?

 Ans. You must be sponsored by an approved Australian employer and meet a number of other requirements. You may be eligible to apply if you: have been successfully nominated.

3. Can dependent work on 482 visas?

Ans. Yes, as a dependent of a visa subclass holder 482 you are allowed to work and study in Australia.

4. Can I apply for 189 while on 482?

Ans. Yes, you may apply for Australia Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 while working on a TSS 482 visas.


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