Western Australia Made Some Significant Changes to its Migration Program 2022-2023

Western Australia

Candidates who have a designated occupation listed on the Graduate occupation list (GOL) or the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL) may qualify for Western Australian State nomination under one of the below visa subclasses:

  • Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190); or
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). 

Candidates who want to utilize the General stream WASMOL schedule 1 or the General stream WASMOL schedule 2 may join the WASMOL.

Applicants who plan to utilize the Graduate stream have access to the GOL. Here is a list of all the occupations eligible for skilled migration. Do you possess a skill that Western Australia needs? Verify if it is included on the Graduate occupation list or the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list (WASMOL) (GOL). If your line of work appears on the list, you can submit suggestions for the 2022–2023 programme year.

The skills included on the occupation lists do not correspond to any specific job openings nor do they guarantee employment; rather, they highlight jobs that are prioritised.

Before deciding to relocate, it is advised that you look into employment prospects in Western Australia (in your line of work). To land any open or advertised positions, state nomination applicants will need to outbid all other job candidates in the Western Australian labour market.

WA has modified its migration scheme in various ways!!!

  • The $200 application cost was waived by the WA government.
  • About a 60% increase in the number of occupations that qualify for skilled migration.
  • WA has eliminated the SC491 contract requirement.
  • WA had dropped the expertise and contract requirements for SC491’s WASMOL Schedule 2 List.

News source: https://www.migration.wa.gov.au/Pages/Skilled%20Migration%20WA/Occupation%20lists.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2Zqn4zMrgZGa–BfCrl7MXBJuXkwG0–tUhYj_qHlUBKyCFDtYGP9kR94 


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