Australian Skilled Migration Point Table

Australian Skilled Migration Point Table

To Settle and Migrate to Australia, all non citizens need to have valid Visa to Enter and remain in Australia. under Australia’s universal visa system. Migration Act 1958 and Regulation 1994 governed Australian Immigration system and whole program is governed by (DIAC). In this Topic, we will be highlighting on Australian Skilled Migration Point Table for PR which is latest and valid from November 2019 and valid in 2020 as of now.

Migration program and Humanitarian program both are stream of permanent migration program. Skilled Migration also known as GSM is based on point system. Student visa, Tourist Visa, Working Holidays visa but all this are Temporary visa and will be valid for certain months or years. To live as a permanent Resident in Australia, you need to qualify for Australia PR points table to acquire Australian permanent residency. New Zealanders citizen have special arrangement with Australia and can live and work indefinitely time.

Skilled migration points test help calculate with your PR Point score and need score a minimum of 65 Points. This are minimum score required and does’t mean that can be invited. Book our Expert Migration agent for a free initial assessment and increase your chance to pass this points test to acquire Australian PR.

Are you a skilled worker and wanting to live and Migrate to Australia ? You need to qualify as per Australian Skilled Migration Program, which required skills and experience in relevant occupation from the list of eligible SOL ( skilled occupations List) and then need to check validate if you score a 65 points as minimum with your EOI (Expression of interest).

Under Australia PR points test system you need to score a minimum of 65 points to qualify for one of below category.

                 1.) Skilled Work regional Visa ( Subclass 491)

                 2.) Skilled Nominated Visa ( Sub class 190) 

                 3.) Skilled Independent Visa ( Sub class 189)

Learn more about Australia Skilled Migration Point table:

Australian Skilled Migration Point Table

1: Age Points

18-24 Age 25 pts
25-32 Age 30 pts
33-39 Age 25 pts
40-44 Age 15 pts

2: In Regards to English Test and its requirements, Australian immigration do accept IELTS, PTE, OET and TOFEL to check proficiency level. Hence to apply for Skilled Migration, applicant has to appeared and get below point as per their requirement to meet minimum requirements.

Competent 0 pts
Proficient 10 pts
Superior 20 pts

Score of 6 in IETLS Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Module will be classify as Competent. For Proficient English level, Score required must be at least 7, whereas for Superior English level need to be minimum of 8 Score.

3:  Australian Skilled migration program do reward points for Skilled Employment Outside Australia. For 0 – 3 will be 0 points, 3 to 4 years will have 5 points, 5 to 7 years accumulate 10 points and 8 to 10 years 15 points.

o to 3 yrs 0 pts
3 to 4 yrs 5 pts
5 to 7 yrs 10 pts
8 to 10 yrs 15 pts

4: Skilled Employment inside Australia. For 0 – 1 will be 0 points, 1 to 2 years will have 5 points, 3 to 4 years accumulate 10 points, 5 to 7 years 15 points and 8 to 10 years get 20 points.

0 to 1 yrs 0 pts
1 to 2 yrs 5 pts
3 to 4 yrs 10 pts
5 to 7 yrs 15 pts
8 to 10 yrs 20 pts

5: Qualification and Study requirements Point details are as below;

  • Diploma Study get 10 points
  • Master or Bachelor Degree gets 15 points
  • Doctorate Study gets 20 points
  • Recognised Universities gets 10 points.
  • Grab extra 5 points by pursuing 92 weeks course which equals 5 points.

6: If you have study in Australia in one Designated regional area, you can claim extra 5 points and PY professional year course earn you extra 5 points too .

Regional Study   5 points.
Professional PY   5 points.
Naati Trans   5 points.

Chances to get invited are more for relevant skilled visa if you ranked higher with points. Now if you are one of the Lucky one and got invitation to apply for Skilled migration visa. you may be eligible to get extra points of your Partner’s. Also State nomination get extra points

  • State Nomination Subclass 190 give 5 points
  • State Nomination Subclass 489 give 10 points

After scoring minimum of 65 points, EOI can be sent for considering to relevant authorities. We have try to cover up as much details we can on Australian Skilled Migration Point table but some time it could be overwhelming or not enough and may required expert migration agent assistance to make this process hassle and stress free. We are Registered MARA agent of Australia and NZ and can definitely assist in this whole process.

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