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Nearly every international student and immigrant in Australia aspires to get permanent residency or PR. It permits one to live permanently in Australia, work and study there, and take advantage of rights only available to citizens. But that differs from having Australian citizenship. Nearly all of the rights of an Australian citizen are yours if you have permanent resident status in that country.

How to Submit a PR Application in Australia?

We will talk about how to obtain permanent residency in Australia now that you understand what it is. There are many routes to Australian permanent residency, such as the Skilled Migration Program. It is a programme that awards PR in accordance with the applicant’s job history and skill set.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs compiles a list of popular vocations that contribute to the growth of the country each year. An international student who successfully completes a programme leading to a position on Australia’s list of Skilled Occupations is more likely to be granted Australian Permanent Residency. In other words, a degree with a strong potential for PR that will continue to be in need for a while should be pursued by every student who wishes to settle in the country.

A few of the courses, but not all of them, will be covered later in this blog post. For a better understanding of your alternatives, be sure to search for the most recent PR courses in Australia. 

Australia’s PR Point System

You must fulfil a number of conditions, such as earning a certain amount of points, in order to be eligible for PR in Australia. PR points are given based on a variety of criteria, including age, English language, level of education, and more. Currently, 65 points are needed to be eligible for the visa, but keep in mind that Australia may amend the requirements at any time.

List of Short PR Courses

The Skilled Occupation List includes a list of jobs that are acceptable under Australia’s point-based immigration system. The list will include positions with skill shortages in Australia as well as the particular visas that may be obtained for them. A certain organisation evaluates the abilities required for each employee on that list. Let us look at a few of the courses that can lead you to apply for Permanent Residence in Australia!

1. Teaching Courses

Australia is well known for many reasons, including its educational system. A student who decides to become a teacher can influence the growth of the country by stimulating pupils’ inquisitive minds. They will be able to submit a request for PR here thanks to it. Choosing a teaching course in Australia may open up a number of job prospects, like that of a lecturer in a university, to mention just one.

Early childhood teachers, primary school teachers, and special needs teachers are the newest positions to appear in this category.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Teaching and Education Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Primary Teacher $90,754
Vocational Education Teacher $80,000
University Lecturer $10,7384
Special Needs Teacher $86,250
Secondary School Teacher $89,943

2. Engineering Courses

One of the most well-known possibilities on the PR list of courses in Australia that foreign students select for the top-notch curriculum from a top-tier institution in the country is engineering. International students can choose from a variety of engineering degrees offered by Australian institutions. In Australia, there is a big need for engineers.

Among some of the engineering professions on the most recent list are civil engineering technician, electrical engineering technician, civil engineering draftsperson, and electrical engineering draftsperson.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Engineering Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Aeronautical Engineer $95,752
Chemical Engineer $107,853
Agricultural Engineer $48,938
Electrical Engineer $97,928
Electronics Engineer $89,648
Environmental Engineer $68,814
Industrial Engineer $70,221
Materials Engineer $89,671
Mechanical Engineer  $92,704
Geographical Engineer $82,900

3. Nursing Courses

Australia has a world-class healthcare system. It is one of the greatest countries for developing a profession in healthcare. As a result, thousands of domestic and foreign students enrol in Australian nursing programmes to provide a strong foundation for their future employment in healthcare. Australia’s universities are renowned for providing excellent healthcare programmes at different levels. Nursing offers excellent chances for PR because it is one of the most sought-after degrees in Australia’s healthcare sector.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Nursing Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Midwifery $92,704
Registered Nurse $78,536
Nurse Practitioner $125,564

4. Social Work Courses

Social work courses are popular with students all around the world. They are motivated to continue their education so they may work with the poor and significantly improve the lives of others by giving counsel, aid, or support to help socially outcast individuals reintegrate into society.

You might choose to study social work in Australia in a different way, for example, by enrolling in a psychiatric programme. Additionally, if you have a degree in social work, you can apply for jobs that are on Australia’s PR list of courses. Jobs like a social worker, welfare worker, and welfare centre manager are included in the most recent SOL.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Social Work Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Community Worker $66,891
Welfare Centre Manager  $158,567
Family Support Worker $73,992
Welfare Worker $96,207

5. Dentistry Courses

Your decision to study dentistry in Australia will open up a wide range of interesting professional opportunities for you and will help you get permanent residency there. Any foreign student may pursue a dentistry degree programme at an Australian university that accepts international students.

A handful of Australia’s most well-known occupations in dentistry, such as a dental therapist, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist, and dental technician, are also available to you after earning the degree. You can select a different career route, such as general practice or teaching, to name a few.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Dentistry Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Dentist $133,148
Dental Prosthetist $94,791
Dental Therapist $71,706
Dental Hygienist $93,029
Dental Technician $62,379

6. Medical Courses

Since doctors are in high demand in Australia, enrolling in an MBBS or MD programme also enables one to get permanent residency. 

Some of the most recent additions to the SOL include medical oncologists, medical laboratory scientists, resident medical officers, and medical practitioners.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Medical Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Medical Practitioner $195,000
General Practitioner $195,000
Resident Medical Officer $110,196

Trade Qualification PR Courses

In Australia, a number of institutes and universities provide trade programmes that can lead to work chances as a carpenter, cabinet maker, or electrician, to mention a few. A diploma, certificate III/IV, or bachelor’s degree, together with successful completion of the TRA examination, are requirements for applying for a trade position in Australia. In Australia, enrolling in a vocational qualification programme typically costs less than paying for a higher-priced degree programme.

  • Automotive

Every international student who is enthusiastic about automobiles has more than enough chances to pursue an automotive education in Australia. It also enables them to obtain PR in Australia. Automotive electricians, diesel motor mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, and motor mechanics are among the jobs in the automotive sector with the highest demand in Australia. You may apply for one of those jobs and start a career in Australia’s automotive industry once you’ve completed your studies.

The Skilled Occupation List includes three professions: diesel motor mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, and automotive electrician.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Automotive Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
General Mechanic $64,557
Automotive Electrician $112,125
Motor Mechanic $71,242
Diesel Motor Mechanic $78,000
  • Building and Construction

You will have the chance to learn and use a variety of building techniques. Additionally, it will educate you on how to deal with construction activities when working at a construction site.

After completing certificate 4 in building and construction course, you will be qualified to work as a roof tiler, joiner, carpenter, bricklayer, builder, construction estimator, building inspector, or a comparable occupation.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Building and Construction Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Carpenter $ 35.81
Builder $79,701
Roof Tiler $72,643
Bricklayer $65,850
Construction Project Manager $114,620
Building Inspector $82,824
  • Culinary Cooking

One of the best Australian PR Courses is in the culinary arts. In the restaurant and hotel industries in Australia, skilled sous chefs and chefs are constantly in demand. Are cooking, baking, or hotel management your passions? If yes, enrol in one of those programmes to fulfil your aspirations of a career in hospitality. You may choose from a variety of courses in hospitality at reputable academic institutions to increase points for PR.

Among the specialised vocations that the government currently requires in this group are pastry cook, cook, and chef.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Culinary and Cooking Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Pastry Cook $61,615
Cook $57,476
Chef $62,299
  • Plumbing

In Australia, there is a big requirement for plumbers. In Australia, home, retail, and commercial building sites account for almost all plumbing work. Therefore, enrolling in a plumbing course at a reputable Australian university will prepare you for the corresponding responsibilities and provide you with sufficient job training.

After graduating, you’d have the knowledge, self-assurance, and experience needed to land a career in the plumbing industry. The most recent Skilled Occupation List has jobs for ordinary plumbers, roofers, air conditioning and mechanical services plumbers, among others.

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Plumbing Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
General Plumber $75,000
Mechanical Services Plumber $97,500
Roof Plumber $80,958
  • Painting and Decoration

An overseas student who enrols in a painting and decorating programme in Australia can progress toward permanent residency.

Studying this course will also enable you to work in wallpapering, wood staining, paint application, etc. 

Jobs and Salary Prospects After Completing Painting and Decoration Courses

Job Profile Annual Salary (in AUD)
Solid Plasterer $69,334
Fibrous Plasterer  $65,608
Painting Trades Worker $68,523


You should take into account the following while choosing a programme that might result in Australian permanent residency:

  • Regardless of the level or program of study, However, you must finish a two years of study in Australia.
  • Your course of study ought to have CRICOS approval.
  • After finishing your degree, you should apply for a Post Study Work Visa 485 visa within six months.
  • You must follows Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZCO) job descriptions. The ANZCO offers comprehensive details on the experience, degree of job ability, and credentials needed to work in many sectors.

How to get PR in Australia with student visa?

In order to get PR in Australia it’s not obligatory to have an employer sponsorship or a minimum of 65 points. Applicants can apply online for PR in Australia through 3 options – family stream permanent residence visas, work stream permanent residence visas or investment permanent residence stream. Since international students studying in Australia have to have a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), they are allowed to live and work in Australia for up to four years.

However, in order to apply for a PR in Australia, international students must apply for a Skilled Independent Visa while studying and obtain PR before their studies are complete. Australian PR applications will be assessed based on the points based system followed for granting an Australian PR.


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