BEST PR Pathway Courses 2022 – 2023 eligible for PR Australia

Top PR Courses Australia

What is the best way to get PR in Australia? To get a Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia, you can engage in main pathways like Skilled Migration, Employer Nomination Program, or State Nomination. There are several PR courses proposed to study in Australia for international students in areas like Trade, IT, Nursing, etc. which you can study to pursue post-study work in the country and get PR. However, not all courses in Australia have higher PR chances which means you need to be careful while selecting your degree if you wish to apply for a permanent residency.

Australia’s department of immigration releases a list of occupations each year that qualify for a permanent residency and engaging in PR Pathway Courses in such fields can help you find PR in Australia. These occupation lists are Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and STSOL. In this blog, we have listed the best PR Courses in Australia 2023.

If students want to live and study, a job in Australia, and get a permanent residence (PR) visa, they can take the benefit of the different pathways which can start a PR visa.

After studying in Australia, a student can apply for a post-study work visa under Subclass 485. This is also known as the Graduate Temporary visa.

International students who have completed a course that is related to occupations that are in demand have a well chance of getting an Australian PR visa in 2023.

  1. Engineering
  2. Computer and Information Technology
  3. Accountancy
  4. Education and Teaching 
  5. Nursing and Midwife Courses
  6. Medical Courses
  7. Automotive
  8. Hospitality
  9. Study Social Work
  10. Dentistry
  11. Building and Construction
  12. Cooking and Chef courses
  13. Painting and Decorating
  14. Plumbing and Technician
  15. Trade Qualification Courses


Australia is one of the best countries for a good lifestyle and opportunity in the field of engineering. International students are attracted to the country to study and kick-start their careers in various specialism. Occupations needed in Australia are Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Technical Engineer, Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Environmental and Industrial Engineer.

Jobs after Engineering

      Job Profile Salary (Annual) (in INR)
Agricultural Engineer 35 – 37 Lakh
Chemical Engineer 35 – 38 Lakh
Electrical Engineer 41 – 45 Lakh
Electronics Engineer 37 – 40 Lakh
Industrial Engineer 35 – 38 Lakh
Environmental Engineer 35 – 40 Lakh
Materials Engineer 40 – 45 Lakh
Geographical Engineer 65 -70 Lakh
Mechanical Engineer 40 – 42 Lakh

Study Nursing and medical courses

Australia’s ever-growing populace depends on its extremely skilled medical staff in supplying healthcare. Medical and nursing courses entice thousands of local and international students who decided to profess their enthusiasm and lay institutes to a promising career.

In the skills, the list is Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse (Aged health Care), Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health), Community Health Care, Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency), Nursing for Disability and Rehabilitation, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse (Mental Health), Midwifery.

Job Profile Salary (in INR) (Approx.) (Annual)
Midwifery 40 – 45 Lakh
Nurse Practitioner 65 – 68 Lakh
Registered Nurse 40 – 43 Lakh

Top university for study in Nursing 2021

Information & Technology

The demand for computer and IT graduates is high in demand and the occupations are also listed in the skilled occupation listing due to the increasing demand for IT professionals in the country.

Due to the high array of opportunities offered, the number of PR Courses in Australia has also expanded. Particularly with the growing wealth in Australia, the country offers a large number of IT specialists passed out from Australian colleges in the field. So, if you have any be of interest in the technology segment, the computer and information technology courses are absolutely somewhat you don’t want to skip out on.

Jobs after Computer and IT

Job Profile Salary (in INR) (Annual) (Approx.)
ICT Support Engineer 45 Lakh
Software Engineer 40 Lakh
Software Tester 35 Lakh
Systems Analyst 40 Lakh
Computer Network 35 – 40 Lakh
Developer Programmer 40 – 50 Lakh

Top Universities for Information & Technology Courses in Australia

Automotive Industry

Australia has a well-established automotive industry. It is well known for the automobile design of cars. Universities here offer advanced courses in automobiles that impart modern technical knowledge and give training in state-of-the-art services which includes engineering training as well.

High-in-demand automotive jobs in Australia consist of Motorbike Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, Mechanic. start your career in the automotive industry by getting a short-term course in the top a university.

TOP Universities to Study Automotive Course 2023

  • RMIT University.
  • Edith Cowan University.
  • Kangan Institute.
  • TAFE Western Australia.
  • Baxter Institute.

Tourism & Hospitality

 If you are concentrated on finding extra PR points and employed in the Hospitality industry, you can choose hospitality courses recommended by known institutions in Australia.

These courses will lead you to become a Cook, Bakery, and Breakfast Operator, Restaurant or Cafe Manager, Housing and Hospitality Manager, Hotel or Motel Manager, and much more. This course is on the occupation list with high demand for PR.

Job Profile Salary (in INR) (Annual) (Approx.)
Bed and Breakfast Operator 59 Lakh
Café or Restaurant Manager 90 Lac
Chef 35 Lakh
Baker and Pastry Cook 30 Lakh
Hotel Manager 35 Lakh
Accommodation and Hospitality Managers 38 Lakh

Building and Construction 

If you are considering applying for PR in Australia and build a career in building and construction. By pursuing a course Diploma in Building and Construction or Project Management, you can also gain from additional PR points.

International students who have studied Building and construction courses in Australia have well chances of getting a PR visa especially if it appears in the list of in-demand professions list in Australia.

Education and Teaching

Due to the high demand in the field of education and coaching, the PR Pathway Courses in Australia, as well as chances for this career, are also really great. Students can get extra points for applying PR after completing their courses.

Study Social Work Pathway to PR

Social work is one of the rising professions and is highly in-demand in Australia. As the occupation features on the Medium- and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), it’s possible to apply for any of the visas in the Skilled Migration Program.

Occupations that are listed consistently in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) include Welfare Centre Manager, Welfare Worker, Social Worker, and Community Worker.

Top 5 Universities for social work courses

Curtin University

the University of Queensland

Southern Cross University



Cooking and Chef Courses

Studying commercial cookery as one of the top PR courses in Australia, pursuing cooking and chef courses can also help you obtain permanent residency. The hospitality sector in Australia is always increasing with the demand for skilled chefs and sous-chefs who can work at the top hotels and restaurants.



Pastry Cook

Sous Chef

PR Trade Courses 2023 in Australia

There are some PR Trade courses that you can enroll in to get a PR in Australia. Here are some of the trade courses in high demand that you can do:

  • Electrical Engineering Technician
  • Engineering Fabrication
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Boat Building
  • Automotive Car Repair
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Joinery
  • Painting and Decorating

In order to apply for the PR Opportunities, you need to keep some points in mind as below:

  • You must study at least 2 years in career or higher education courses in Australia.
  • Your occupation should be Listed in ANZSCO Job Description
  • Apply for a visa for 6 months.
  • Your program should be CRICOS approved.

Which Australian state is easy to get PR in Australia?

The best cities in Australia to apply for PR:

Get in touch with your reliable registered Migration Agent in Melbourne and maximize your chances of becoming an Australian permanent resident.


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