Top 5 Australian PR Pathways in 2022

Permanent Residency Pathways

Obtaining Australian PR is getting more and more proficient, and the visa system is massive and very complex.

Many times, people do get confused about how to apply or getting Australian PR. Here, we are debating a few common pathways to Australian PR for you.

Australia PR based on your skills – Skilled Migration Program Visa Subclass 491,190,189

This includes General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas including Subclass 189, Subclass 190, and Subclass 491 which is the most popular way to get Australia PR.

These is the points-based visas and are also a major part of the Australian skilled migration program

If you have skills that are listed in the Australia Skilled occupation list, you may be interested in looking at this program.

There are 3 streams of the Australian skilled migration program:

  • Visa Subclass 189 skilled independent is a direct PR whereas 190 and 491 are state-sponsored visas.
  • Visa Subclass 190 is decently a state-sponsored visa and needs nomination from one of the states of Australia.
  • For a Visa Subclass 491, you may get sponsorship from states or territories or from a close qualified who is an Australian citizen/PR living in regional Australia.

Getting an Australia PR is generally based on some factors containing:

  • Age
  • Qualification
  • Work experience
  • Study in regional Australia
  • English language test results
  • Partner skills
  • State sponsorship (state sponsorship points are for 190 and 491 visas only).

If eligible, you will need to get a confident skill assessment from the pertinent skill-assessing specialist for your occupation.

You will also need to be talented to prove Competent in English (Ielts 6.0 or equivalent)

You may need higher English Language test results for higher point test scores.

For some skilled migrants who are attentive to running a small business in Australia, there are 4 states that open the small business owner PR pathways to 491 or 190 nominations such as QLD, Tasmania, SA and the Australian capital territory.

Australia PR based on being sponsored by an Australian Employer Sponsored Visa Subclass 482, 494, 186, 187

The most common visa opportunities for employer-sponsored visas contain the following visa subclasses:

  • 482 Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (This includes Designated Area Migration Agreements)
  • 186 Employer Nominated Scheme (Permanent) Visa
  • 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa

If you have an Australian company, you may be qualified for employer-sponsored visas.

Visa subclass 186 is a PR visa whereas Visa subclass 482 and Visa 494 are temporary visas but they do have pathways to PR if the requirements are fulfilled.

Note: Australian government made an announcement to permit Short term 482 visa holders who were in Australia through the covid-19 pandemic to apply for an Australian PR visa 186.

Global Talent Visa Australia Program

The Global Talent visa application process and its processing time are much simpler and quicker than many other Australian visas.

There is no age limit or point testing and it grants immediate Permanent Residency with a short processing time for highly talented applicants.

This visa program is for people who have globally recognized records of excellent and outstanding successes.

Your nominator could be either an Australian individual or organization. Lastly, you may apply under the Global Talent Stream if you have skills in one of the important sectors for this GTI program.

Australian PR based on Australian citizen/Permanent resident family 

This includes a Partner visa offshore Subclass 309/100, a Partner visa Onshore Subclass 820/801, and Prospective marriage Visa Subclass 300.

Subclass 300 is a temporary visa for partners of Australian citizens/Permanent residents, who want to come to Australia to live and get married to their partners.

Once they get married, they may apply for a Partner visa onshore Subclass 820/801.

and you may be qualified to get a 100 visa, which is a PR after a period of 2 years from when the submission for 309/100 was made.

In summary, partner visas require a huge amount of solid documents to prove an honest relationship.

Must know the partner visa requirement 2022.

There is a number of ways you can get Australian PR. To know more about in detail feel free to contact our migration agent.


Note*: The information covered in this article is general in kind only and does not represent personal advice.

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