Top Jobs For Australian Immigration In 2022 – Employer-Sponsored 482 Visas in Australia

Employer Sponsored Visa

Outline of the Employer Sponsored 482 and Australian Skilled Migration Visa Australia

There are four streams in Australia’s immigration program:

  • Family
  • Children
  • Special eligibility
  • Skilled Migration Program– For immigrants with the talents to increase productivity and fill employment vacancies in Australia.

A maximum of 160,052 visas were issued in 2020–2021, with the skill stream accounting for 51.7% of those awards. The employer-sponsored visa programme accounts for the biggest majority (almost a third) of all visas awarded in the skill stream, with 23,503 employer-sponsored visas. Other visa categories in the skill stream include the Skilled Regional Visa 491 and the Skilled Nominated Visa 190.

In Australia, there are a few main streams for the Employer Sponsorship Program: To mention a few, the 494 Regional Skilled Employer-sponsored, Global Talent Visa may ask that the nominator be a business, an Australian organisation, or DAMA.

But for the sake of this post, we’ll focus on the 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa program.

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 Programme

In order to fill recognised skills gaps, the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) 482 Visa programme was created. It enables businesses to improve their staff by sponsoring foreign individuals to come to Australia and work there on a temporary 482 visa.

The 482 Visa in Australia is concentrating its efforts during the current fiscal year, which ends in June 2023, to address the post-pandemic Covid-19 skills shortage there. As per the migration levels of planning revealed in April, 30,000 more positions have been added to the programme for skilled migration, and 8,000 additional allocations for employer-sponsored visas have been made for the fiscal year 2022–2023.

The new option for TSS 482 Short Term Visa applicants to be ready to assess for Australian Permanent Residency 186 Visa has also been initiated by the government. Even though the STSOL and MLTSSL for the TSS 482 Visa programme both include just over 200 vocations, some are undoubtedly in greater competition than others.

Which Professions Are in Demand For Australia Employer Sponsored Visas?

The most prevalent professions in the Employer Sponsored Category may be divided into 4 major industries based on data gathered in 2021:

  • Health Sector (General Practitioner or Registered Nurse)
  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts or IT (Software Engineer)
  • Finance and Accounting (Accountants)
  • Trades (Chef and Automotive like Motor Mechanic)

The level of abilities required for nominations in the employer-sponsored category seems to be slanted toward a Bachelor’s degree or higher certification (or, alternatively, 5+ years of relevant experience).

With the exception of Cooks, the bulk of these in-demand professions falls under the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), which allows sponsors to support visa holders lasting up to 4 years with a road to permanent residency through the 482 Visa.

To qualify for Australian PR, you must ensure that your profession for a 482 Visa is recorded in MLTSSL.

The numbers that have been made public show how Australia’s demands in the sector of information technology are expanding. Software and Applications Programmers are by far the most prevalent occupational group within the Employer Sponsored classification.

Registered nurses and accountants come next, shortly followed by ICT business and systems analysts and college professors.

Employers all throughout Australia have been vocal about their harrowing challenges with a lack of skilled workers in vital, high-demand industries. Particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic, there is a clear high need for qualified people in these important businesses.

The Priority Migration Skilled Occupations List (PMSOL) includes half of these professions, including:

  • Accountant (General)
  • Taxation Accountant
  • Management Accountant 
  • Civil Engineer 
  • Structural Engineer 
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Transport Engineer
  • Resident Medical Officer 
  • General Practitioner 
  • Medical Practitioners nec
  • Resident Medical Officer
  • Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
  • Registered Nurse (Medical)
  • Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)
  • Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
  • Registered Nurses nec
  • Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
  • Analyst Programmer 
  • Software Engineer
  • Developer Programmer
  • Software and Applications Programmers nec 
  • Chef
  • ICT Security Specialist

One of the further benefits is that employer-sponsored candidacy and visa applications for a job on the PMSOL receive prioritized processing from the Department of Home Affairs. These jobs were determined by the migration data for the fiscal year ending in 2021, although there are more occupations for which a TSS 482 Visa might provide permanent residency.

Additionally, Covid-19 has had a significant influence on how the employer-sponsored streams function. Please keep in mind that you may encounter significant competition before meeting the qualifying requirements the more popular an employment is for any migration programme.

Australia- The Land of Various Opportunities

Recently, over 10,000 openings for civil engineers, 5000 for computer programmers, more than 6000 for general practitioners, and an incredible 20,000 for registered nurses were placed on one of Australia’s most prominent job recruiting websites.

There’s a strong possibility an Australian firm wants to interview you if you have in-demand abilities, credentials, and work experience in the health and IT sectors.

It may be challenging to settle on the ideal profession and place of employment. The decision of where to live, where to work, and what to do is truly influenced by a number of different circumstances.

Rapid Education and Visa Consultants are ready to support because of this.


If you would like to obtain migration advice about your visa options from a registered migration agent in Melbourne, you can call us on +61 03 96630944, 0120-6618011, 61 405-903-744. 

Drop us an email at: info@rapidmigration.com.au

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