Australian Government Clearly Planning a Return to High Immigration

High Immigration Australia

Will the Big Australia crew win out? This is a question means posing as we begin to send back to a more normal world.

While the break in the rate of population increase associated with closed international borders is rather most Australians have welcomed, the signs are that the federal government plans to return to population expansion turbocharged by immigration as soon as possible.

Net overseas migration was causing about two-thirds of this growth in populace, at 200,000 to 250,000 a year. The largest solo group of migrants to arrive and live at least 16 months was international students.

During these times of high immigration, employers were happy to have a prepared source of labor, skilled and unskilled; universities were happy to have unrestricted growth in international student; and the estate industry was happy with the strong need for accommodation. But there is no doubt that there are several costs as well as benefits linked with such high immigration rates, a point federal and state government have not been ready to concede.

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