Australia’s Partner Visa Program for 2021 Update

With the second half of 2021 quickly drawing nearer, we give a recap of the forthcoming changes to Australia’s Partner visa program set to happen in or around November 2021. 

What are the Proposed Changes?

Presently, sponsorship and Partner visa applications are held up simultaneously. As a feature of the Partner visa changes, the Department of Home Affairs will present another sponsorship structure, expecting backers to be supported before their accomplices can apply for the Partner visa. The structure will likewise force commitments on supports and give common punishments and regulatory assets for break of commitments.

Should handling time spans for the sponsorship segment be very extensive, this change will antagonistically affect coastal Partner visa candidates needing to stop a visa application before their meaningful visa terminates.

While the Partner visa program doesn’t presently have any English language necessities, the impending Partner visa changes will require visa candidates and their super durable inhabitant patrons to give proof of a practical degree of English or to exhibit that they have put forth sensible attempts to learn English at the hour of the long-lasting Partner visa stage. Sensible endeavors are planned to incorporate the fulfillment of 500 hours of free English language classes through the Adult Migration English Program (AMEP). The prerequisites will apply to visa holders from nations other than Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

These new measures will supplement existing family brutality arrangements inside the Partner visa program and give further freedoms to transients to amplify open doors in Australia, including open positions and social union.

How Rapid Migration Can Help 

In the event that you mean to stop a Partner visa in Australia preceding your considerable visa terminating in the following three to four months or expect that you or your long-lasting occupant support might experience issues in gathering the practical English language necessity, kindly contact Rapid Migration to talk about the chance of applying for the Partner visa before the changes coming into effect.

Need to Know More? 

For additional information and guidance on forthcoming changes to Australia’s Partner visa program set to happen in or around November 2021, if it’s not too much trouble, contact best migration advisors Australia @ Rapid Migration. Drop us an email at: info@rapidmigration.com.au. Give us a call at: +61 03 96630944, 0120-6618011, 61 405-903-744.

Disclaimer: This blog was published in 19 August 2021 and due to the circumstances, there are frequent changes. To keep up to date with all the latest updates on our site from time to time so stay connected with us for more updates.

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