How to Change of Course/Institute in Australia?

Change of Course

Choosing the right institution or a course for an international student in Australia can sometimes become a critical decision. Sometimes, when you arrive in country and then realize that the University or the course you have picked is not the best choice at all. So, what will you do next? Will you do change of course or University? Yes. It is Possible.

There are various factors to organize and check before you make the choice to change either your course of study or your organization. You have to recall that changing your course and institution in Australia is certainly not a straightforward procedure, and without legitimate direction, you may end up with botched opportunities, financial hardship, or student visa concerns.

Here are a few points to ensure a smooth transition while changing course or institute:

  1. Do your Research

    When you’ve decided to follow your plans, you can begin with the do research process or even check online about the institute you wish to apply for. Also, consider the important things such as Campus, student facilities, Admission process, student Visa support services, and other factors that affect your safety as a student.Must visit the official website of CRICOS  to check the list of top-rated Australian university courses and accredited Australian education visa consultant offered to international students.

  1. Must Check Your Transfer Policy of Current Institution

    Make sure you have signed an agreement policy with your existing institution accepting their transfer policy. Also, you need to confirm with the requirements as their student. Check your institution’s transfer agreement policy – there might be a possibility that you are eligible to receive a full or partial refund.

  2. Take Help from a Student Advisor from University

    The essential role of a university’s student counselor is to look after students’ welfare, tackle their issues, help, and direct them to the correct department for any kind of help. The student counselor provides complete support during admission and transfers processing. Overall, they give a detailed explanation of the policies related to your requests.

  1. Review Your Study Visa Requirements & Conditions

    Your student visa gives you the right to study, work permit to live in Australia as an international student. You are not eligible to study in Australia without a valid study visa ( Subclass 500) . As a result, changing your course or university also needs you to understand the terms and requirements of your visa.

  1. Consult with Best Education Counsellors / Consultant

    Education Visa consultants have extensive experience in offering the right guidance and selection of courses to international students. They offer expert advice on how to change of course or university without any hassle.Most of the Institutions appoint education agencies & consultant for the student recruitment and enrolment process, making counselors highly trained in complicated procedures. In addition, they provide help regarding the Study scholarships Program.

If you decide to change your course or institute in Australia, you must make contact the Department of Home Affairs.

If you think the course, you’re studying isn’t right fit for you, it is possible to get transfer onto another course – either in same university or can change different university or college. The process of transferring varies by uni or college, and from course to course. If you need any help regarding change or course or university, feel free to contact our registered Migration agent.

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