Study in WA Australia

Top Reason to Study in WA Australia

Top Reason to Study in WA Australia

WA is one of State of Australia and Perth is the capital city of WA. This state is very close to Asia and quite often become a popular destination for students to study here coming from Asia. 

World class Education, great place to study and government initiative to support students and skilled migrant is one of the most popular reasons and pick for students to study in WA-Australia. Student’s dream is to be successful in their chosen career, job opportunities, government initiatives to support during their pre and post student journey and pathway to PR are prime factors.  

Perth is a city of opportunity, growth corridor and chance to enjoy true Multicultural and diversity while studying in Australia. Western Australia provide a safe environment for international students. Low Cost of living, great opportunity for job and close to Asia Pacific along with reputed university are prime factors why Perth is becoming a popular destination among international students. 


Some of Top universities in WA, Perth are as below;

Top Reason to Study in WA Australia

  1. University of western Australia
  2. Curtin University of Technology
  3. Murdoch University 
  4. Edith Cowan University and many more.

New opportunities for International students as Perth, WA classify as regional cities and still Offers many attractions and Opportunities as below;  

  1. Internationally recognised higher education college and university available and aim to provide a supportive and attention based learning environment for students. 
  2. High end lifestyle hard to find in Asian countries and other developing countries. 
  3. Ability to work part time during study and full time in Semester break. Also After completing two years of study, graduates can apply for temporary Residence where they can work full time. 
  4. Students get extra points toward their PR application as Perth considered regional cities as of 2019. 
  5. Perth got high opportunity for job in the field of mining, health care, social assistance and Construction industry. Also Perth, WA is close to Asia hence to and fro is easy to your Home country with great Airlines offers. 
  6. Leading and World Class College and Universities in Perth, WA. 

If you are to study in Perth as international students it is great news as now you will get extra advantage and better access to point system to your Visa as it will be classified as regional like Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart cities in Australia. 

Get in touch with us now if you are planning to Study in WA and looking to apply for Trade, VET and High education courses. Admission intake are available with hugh scholarship. 

WA State Nomination Sponsorship under Visa subclass 190 and 489 category  isn’t It great New for Western Australia Graduate’s ?

Actually, WA State nomination is open and requirements is very simple and can be achieved easily.

  1. At Least 2 years of Study  in WA ( Study requirements include ELICOS, VET Courses and High Education).
  2. 6 months experience in nominated occupation or 
  3. 6 month job offer letter in nomination occupation 

Get 3 years on TR 485 visa after Post study work. 

  1. Yes recently in Oct 2019, immigration announced study in WA will give you 4 years on TR 485 visa post study work and affect starts from 16th Nov 2019. 
  2. Wow 5 extra points towards your Permanent Residency for Australia. 

It’s best to contact our registered MARA agent to get upto-date and accurate information as visa requirements and conditions can be changed anytime as this article on our website might not be updated or may be in process to get updated to reflect changes. By having service of Experienced education consultant and registered MARA agent for Australia and New Zealand, you are not putting your life and dream to build your career abroad.


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