How to Get a Parent Visa for Australia?

It is very common for immigrants living in Australia to want to bring their parents to Australia. There are different ways to bring your parents to Australia. Parents can come to Australia if their child is in Australia and they are Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens.


Different visa categories for parents

 There are different visa categories for parents who wish to come to Australia. These categories are divided into contributory and non-contributory visas. These categories are divided on basis of age, temporary and permanent residence. Permanent options will allow you to live for five years and then you must reapply for a further visa like a resident return visa to continue to stay lawfully in Australia. You can also access work, study, Medicare, travel, and eventually will be able for citizenship.

 Please note that a non-contributory visa has some restrictions and limitations due to a certain number of visas given in a year. Currently, the processing time for a non-contributory visa is 25 to 30 years. 

Contributory visa

 This Australian parent visa category has more spaces available in the migration skills program every year. In this category, the benefit is you don’t have to wait longer this fast and less costly as well as compared to Non-contributory parent visa.

Four different types of contributory visas are given below: 

There are some differences between these subclasses are some of these are temporary and permanent visas and some of them are for aged parent and non-aged parent visas. There is also a cost difference in these categories temporary visa cost you always less. 

Contributory Parent (Temporary) Subclass 173

This contributory visa will allow the parents to come to Australia whose children or child living in Australia. This visa is valid for two years. The condition on this visa is you are not able to extend or renew this visa. If you change your plan and willing to live in Australia, you must apply for contributory parent visa subclass 143 before your contributory parent visa subclass 173 expires. The benefit of applying contributory subclass 173 first and then applying contributory subclass 143 is you divide the cost on two years. 

Contributory Parent (Permanent) subclass 143

 This visa allows the parents to settle in Australia indefinitely whose children are living in Australia. If you want to get this visa you should be sponsored by your child, who’s living in Australia and is a permanent resident.

By having this visa, you are eligible for the following: 

  •       Work and study in Australia.
  •       Eligible for Medicare.
  •       Eligible to get citizenship depending on the criteria.
  •       Sponsor people for permanent residence.
  •       Will be able to access certain security payments.

Aged Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary) subclass 884

 This visa is only specified for older parents. It allows you to live in Australia for two years. The only condition for this visa is that you are not able to extend or renew this visa. If you wish to settle in Australia on a permanent basis you need to apply for Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864 before your temporary visa expires. The reason for choosing Subclass 884 first and then using Subclass 864 is that you can divide the cost into two years.

To be eligible to get this visa, the applicant should be 65 years old. 

Aged Contributory Parent Visa (Permanent) subclass 864

 This permanent visa is only available for older parents. This visa allows you to stay in Australia on a permanent basis. The criteria are you should be 65 years or older than that. You will have the same benefits as any other permanent residence or citizen. 

Difference between Contributory Visa and Aged Contributory Visa

 You will be able to apply for an Aged contributory visa while you are in Australia unless you have no further stay conditions on your current Australian visa.

If your age is 65 years or older you will be eligible to apply for Aged Contribution Visa. Benefit of applying for an Aged Contribution Visa while you are in Australia is that you will be able to get a Bridging visa until the decision is made for an Aged Contribution Visa application. 

Please note that there are some critical errors and conditions while applying for a contributory visa if you need help or consultation, we recommend consulting with a Registered Migration Agent


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